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Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business Minor

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Technical Requirement:

(Hours Counted in Gen Ed Core)

Other Technical Requirements

  • Two semesters at the 2000 level or higher in the same foreign language successfully completed. May be counted as a Gen Ed requirement or toward a Major or Minor in a foreign language. (6)
  • Approved study abroad experience (semester, May or summer term, or Belmont University sponsored course that has an authorized overseas component.4

Total: 18 Hours

1 FIN 3210 Business Finance  prerequisite requirement only if student opts to take FIN 4330  (MTH 1150  plus ACC 2440  & ACC 2450  or ACC 2430  are prerequisite requirements of FIN 3210  and only taken if student takes FIN 4330 ) and MGT 3300, International Business. (ACC 2410  and ACC 2420  may be substituted for ACC 2440  and ACC 2450  or ACC 2430 ; however, ACC 2410  will only be accepted if transferred to Belmont).

2 MKT 3210 Principles of Marketing  prerequisite requirement only if student opts to take MKT 4310  

3 Option if not taken as a business elective

4 Requirement can be met by working for a U.S. company (stateside) conducting significant international business or by working abroad for an organization while meeting the study abroad component of the minor.

5 PSC 1210  prerequisite requirement (may be counted as part of General Education Core Social Sciences requirement if student opts to take PSC 2400 )

6 PSC 2300 International Relations  prerequisite requirement

7 MBU 1110 Survey of Music Business  prerequisite requirement only if student opts to take MBU 3330  

8 COBA majors must select 12 hours from the International Electives section since MGT 3300 is a required course for the BBA degree.

9 ETP 3000 Foundations in Entrepreneurship  prerequisite requirement only if student opts to take ETP 4200  

Business minors are not intended for BBA degree seeking students.

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