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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Religion and the Arts, B.A.

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This major prepares the student to be an effective interpreter of Christianity in contemporary culture. An interdisciplinary degree that allows the student to combine the study of religion with the study of music, art, theater, dance, literature or writing, the degree creates opportunities for students to prepare for ministry in a wide variety of fields where faith intersects with culture.

BELL Core Requirements: 52 Hours (minimum)

Religion Major Tool Courses: 6 Hours

Students who choose a religion minor must substitute required courses in their minor with a course from the same subject area. A single course may not count for both major and minor requirements.

Major Requirements: 36 Hours

Religion Core: 15-18 Hours

World Religions (choose one course)

(Some of the listed World Religion courses can count as Religion BELL Core requirement: See Advisor)

Theology and Religious Arts: 6 hours

Select 2 from the following: 

Minor Requirements: 18 Hours

Students must choose from one of the following minors to complete the Religion and the Arts major: English Literature, Writing, Music, Art History, Design Communications, Studio Art, Photography, Painting, Dance, Theatre and Drama, and Music Business. Please note that some minors are more than 18 hours, and should be reviewed in degree planning.

General Electives: 16 Hours (minimum)

Total Required for the Program: 128 Hours

1 College of Theology and Christian Ministry majors fulfill the Religion BELL Core requirement by completing REL 1020  Introduction to the Old Testament and any 3000 Path B Religion BELL Core class.

2 REL 2350  Christine Doctrine is a prerequisite for the following: REL 2410  Spiritual Formation; REL 2510  Christian Ethics; all courses in Religion and Society division, in the Theological and Historical Division, and Biblical Studies Division.

2 Students take REL 4015  in the fall semester before the anticipated date of graduation.

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