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Graduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, M.A.

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Academic Policies

A. Requirements for Admission - Master of Arts in English

Applications for admission to the M.A. program are available from the Graduate Office in the Department of Literature and Language and on our web site ( www.belmont.edu). In addition to the completed application form, the prospective student must submit the following application portfolio:

  1. Official copies of all college and university transcripts.
  2. A writing sample from a recent academic or professional setting.
  3. A writing sample prepared especially for the admissions portfolio.
  4. Two letters of recommendation.
  5. A $50.00 non-refundable application fee.

The admissions form provides complete instructions for submitting each of the above items. In addition to the portfolio, the prospective student must have an interview with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Each application portfolio will be reviewed to assess the overall abilities of the applicant and the potential for success in this program. Students lacking sufficient undergraduate preparation in English may be required to take additional undergraduate courses prior to admission to candidacy. Applicants are accepted on a rolling admissions pattern; thus, each applicant will be notified of the admissions committee’s decision shortly after the admissions portfolio is completed.

B. Financial Aid

A limited number of scholarship grants are available to continuing students. Applications are available through the Graduate Office in the Department of English.

C. Limitation on Completion of Requirements

A student must complete all degree requirements within six years of entrance into the program. Petitions for extension must be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies in English and are granted only in exceptional circumstances.

D. Study Abroad

Study in Britain and other countries is possible through Belmont programs. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in English for details.

E. Examinations and Thesis

The student’s program culminates with written examinations and a thesis. The student will work with a mentor to prepare for the examination areas and to research and write the thesis. Each thesis will be bound and placed in the Bunch Library.

F. Language Requirement

All students must demonstrate competency (reading ability equivalent to second-semester intermediate level undergraduate course) in a second language prior to graduation from the M.A. program. This competency can be demonstrated in several ways, including credit on undergraduate transcript, departmentally-administered reading examination, study at a reputable language institute, or completing coursework while enrolled in the M.A. program. Please see the Director of Graduate Studies in English for details.

Common Core: 21 Hours

At least three “Readings” courses from the following:

A student will take two or three (6 or 9 credit hours) Readings courses 5000 level or higher, based on the Graduate English director’s evaluation of the student’s course background. If the student takes only 6 credit hours of Readings courses (that is, two courses), he or she will have one more elective course (3 credit hours).

Plus choose one of the following:

English - No Special Emphasis: 9 Hours

Creative Writing Emphasis: 9 Hours

Total Program: 30 Hours

The standard and preferred way to completion of a thesis program is through the completion of a thesis, written and researched during enrollment in ENG 6700  and ENG 6800 . Students may petition the Director of Graduate English (who will confer with the Graduate Advisory Council) to take ENG 6600 , Portfolio/ Reflection Essay plus Master’s Exam, which is a one-credit course, making the program a 31-hour program instead of a 30-hour program. If permission is granted for completion of the program through this alternative course and set of experiences, these students will take two more graduate academic courses (6 credit hours), one of which will be an additional “Readings” course, as well as taking one addition credit hour for ENG 6600 .

2 Any course may be taken as an elective, but no course may be repeated during the program except for ENG 6000 , ENG 6100 , ENG 6200 , ENG 6300 , and ENG 6400 .

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