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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Department of Philosophy

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James Mark Anderson (chair), Noel Boyle, Andrew Davis, Ronnie Littlejohn, Melanie Walton


The Belmont Philosophy Department is a community of learners that invites its students to join in the active pursuit of philosophical thinking and the exploration of profound philosophical questions raised in the tradition as part of the quest for an enriched life.


The study of philosophy contributes to an enlightened understanding of the fundamental beliefs which guide thought and action, thereby helping one construct an enriched and humane life. Philosophical studies also form an excellent preamble to careers in law, theology, business, and politics, as well as the scholarly fields which depend upon extraordinary critical reflection. For students interested in advanced study in philosophy, the department has a fine record of placing students in highly recognized graduate programs across the nation.


  1. To encourage the growth of the intellectual curiosity and imaginative talents of students by introducing them to the foundation questions of humankind through courses that introduce the basic issues, problems, and concerns of philosophy as they have found expression in primary texts by key thinkers in the History of Philosophy.
  2. To encourage students to think and write philosophically, employing critical, analytical, and research skills in the examination of the thought of significant thinkers and in the development and defense of their own ideas.
  3. To invite students to engage their professors and peers in the types of philosophical dialogue which will enrich their academic experiences and to offer students the opportunity to share the harvest of their intellectual efforts with others, both formally and informally.
  4. To facilitate the students’ participation in the ongoing conversation of philosophy through well ordered encounters with the many voices of the philosophical community, both historical and contemporary.

Note: Majors and minors in Philosophy must take PHI 1600  as part of their B.A. or B.S. core requirements.

The Philosophy department also participates in an Interdisciplinary Ethics Minor  located on the Interdisciplinary page of the catalog.

Philosophy of Religion Major

The Philosophy department participates with the School of Religion in the Philosophy of Religion Major. The curriculum major matrix is located at Philosophy of Religion  under the School of Religion majors page.

Philosophy and the General Education Core Requirements

The following Philosophy courses meet the General Education Humanities requirement: PHI 1510 , PHI 1520 , PHI 1600 , PHI 2250 , PHI 2310 , PHI 2380 , PHI 2200 . With approval of instructor, the requirement may also be met by PHI 1950, 29550, PHI 3950 .

Other Philosophy courses do not count toward the General Education Humanities requirement.

Courses with the HUM prefix can count toward the philosophy major or minor with approval of the philosophy faculty.

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