Dec 10, 2023  
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Sport Administration

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(Formerly the Department of Health and Human Performance - HHP)

Sarah Adams (chair), Nick Bacon, Amy Baker, Tabby Bewley, Holly Huddleston, Marnie Vanden Noven, Ted Peetz, Patrick Schneider, Stephen Shin.

Vision Statement:

To be recognized for academic excellence by preparing students for career opportunities in the sport science industry emphasizing the value of sport to society while instilling wisdom, leadership and innovation in a Christian community of teaching, research and service.


To provide an academically challenging, student-centered, applied education within a professional Christian learning environment which will enable students to positively impact the sport science community through health, physical education, exercise science, and sport administration.


  1. Develop strong communication skills necessary in the sport industry, including effective writing and speaking, effective written and oral arguments, the use of visual images, and non-language based communication forms.
  2. Develop fluency and skill with the use of technology for teaching, training, diagnosis, and management.
  3. Develop necessary skill in critical reading and reflection that is useful in instruction/teaching/coaching, decision making, leadership, problem solving and organizational behavior.
  4. Develop research and analytical skills that influence quantitative and qualitative analysis of cases, classrooms, clients, problems, teams and organizations.
  5. Develop inquiry-based methods of study that utilize problem-based learning skills and systematic reasoning skills as related to classrooms, clients, organizations and larger societies.
  6. Develop a broad understanding of how the value of sport, exercise, and health creates connections across local, national, and international communities in such a way that all races, ethnicities, cultures and nationalities are affected.

The Department of Sport Science offers a major in Sport Administration, B.A./B.S. , as well as a minor in Sport Administration .

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