Jan 30, 2023  
Graduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English

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Bryce Sullivan, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Jayme Yeo, Director, Graduate Studies in English

Sarah Blomeley, David Curtis, Susan Finch, Charmion Gustke, Amy Hodges-Hamilton, Linda Holt, Caresse John, Jason Lavvorn, Marcia McDonald, Gary McDowell, Margaret P. Monteverde, Douglas Murray, Joel Overall, John H.E. Paine, Robbie Pinter, Annette Sisson, Andrea Stover, Sue Trout, and Bonnie Smith Whitehouse


Reading and writing are acts of love and survival-pursued for the intense pleasures of creativity and imagination and for the human need to communicate. The Master of Arts in English at Belmont University calls students to explore the written word: the means by which we know our past, understand our present, and envision our future. Our faculty members- through teaching, mentoring, and collaboration-seek to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of literature and writing by aiding their developing abilities in critical reading, in practical literary analysis, in scholarly research, and in effective written and oral communication.


In the M.A. in English at Belmont, courses are designed to build on strengths and knowledge from students’ undergraduate and professional experiences and to broaden their awareness of literary studies and writing. The graduate faculty is committed to fostering the skills of critical and historical reading as well as creative and analytical writing, and to increasing student expertise in scholarly research. The program engages students in reading literature from American, British and World traditions, introduces them to theories of writing and literature, and invites them to write in a variety of genres and styles including fiction or poetry, literary criticism, creative non-fiction (including memoir and the essay), and ethnography. The program encourages students to develop professionally through preparing presentations, compiling reflective portfolios, and researching and writing scholarly and creative theses on topics of their choice. The M.A. in English at Belmont prepares students for Ph.D. programs in literature, composition, or creative writing; graduates have also pursued careers in teaching, publishing, business, law, and entertainment.


The Master of Arts Program in English:

  1. promotes effective, creative, and reflective reading, writing, and critical thinking;
  2. presents literature and language within historical and cultural contexts;
  3. introduces students to diverse strategies for interpreting literature;
  4. explores with students the structures, complexities, and development of language;
  5. assists students interested in developing as creative writers;
  6. integrates local and global learning experiences into the curriculum;
  7. requires students to develop research skills by employing current professional standards and emerging technologies-and to think critically about these resources and tools
  8. engages students in independent research and long-term writing projects
  9. encourages professional and poised oral presentations

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