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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University College

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Mimi Barnard, Associate Provost of Interdisciplinary Studies & Global Education
Valerie Nichols, Program Manager


Through the University College, Belmont University addresses the learning needs of adult, non-traditional students. Because traditional four-year degree programs cannot accommodate the educational needs of many adults, the University College provides opportunities to pursue education based on individualized goals and flexible time schedules through degree-granting programs and continuing education experiences.

Office of Adult Degree Programs

The Office of Adult Degree Programs provides interdisciplinary, university-wide support that enables adult students to complete their degrees through programs which feature flexible time schedules and innovative course offerings. This office currently makes available six degree programs: the Professional Bachelor of Business Administration, the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Ministry, the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Management, the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the Bachelor of Social Work. 


Degree Seeking Students - Students who wish to pursue one of the degree programs offered through the Adult Degree Programs must follow the admissions process found in this bulletin. Applications are available from the Office of Adult Degree Programs.

Non-Degree Seeking Students - Persons who wish to take courses through the University College, but are not pursuing a degree, may apply as a “Non-Degree Seeking Student.”

Life Experience Requirement:

Applicants should be 24 years or older, however, those under the age of 24, are required to demonstrate, through the application process, that they have achieved appropriate levels of maturity, including significant ability to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and develop appropriate action plans to challenge themselves in these areas.  This demonstration might include evidence of showing at least two years of full-time professional employment, living independently for at least two years (i.e. not -living with your parents or in a residence hall), two years or more of military service or having a family of your own.

Programs of Study

Students should familiarize themselves with other applicable university policies (see the “General Degree Requirements ” section of the bulletin). Of special note are the following:

  1. A minimum of 32 credit hours of course work must be completed at Belmont University.
  2. In compliance with the general degree requirements for all Belmont programs, Liberal Studies students must earn a minimum of 18 elective hours from Belmont and they must complete their final 32 hours at Belmont University through enrollment in and completion of the course work.
  3. At least 64 credit hours must be taken from accredited senior colleges and universities. (The 34 credits awarded for previous nursing courses may count toward these 64 hours.) A maximum of 12 hours of “D” work will be counted toward the 67-69 hours of the Liberal Studies self-designed program required for graduation.
  4. A minimum of 21 upper-division credits (3000- or 4000-level) must be earned as part of the Liberal Studies degree program.

Expenses - University College

A. Tuition (2014-2015)

The following charges are made for students enrolled in the degree-seeking programs in the University College (Liberal Studies, Ministry, Professional B.B.A., Public Relations Management and RN to BSN):

University College (per hour) 595.00

B. Fees (non-refundable)

All fees listed in the 2014-2015 bulletin apply, except for the student activity fees.

C. Course Fees

Some courses at Belmont require additional special fees for materials or specialized instruction used in the course. These fees are listed as part of the individual course description and are also printed in the class schedule each term.

Statement of Liability

Should a student leave Belmont University owing on his/her account, he/she will be liable for all attorney’s fees and other reasonable collection costs and charges necessary for collection.

Payment Policy

All policies regarding payment and refunds are the same as those listed in the front of this bulletin. However, students whose employers reimburse some or all of their tuition expenses may be eligible for the Lifetime Education Assistance Program (LEAP) which provides low cost, short-term loans for students as they await reimbursement from their employer. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.

Financial Aid

While University College students are not eligible for Belmont funded financial aid, there are many non-Belmont sources of financial assistance.See this online bulletin or contact the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.

Academic Policies

All academic policies in this bulletin apply to University College students. (see: Belmont Academic Policies .) The normal class load is 12 hours per semester.

Web-based courses. Students taking courses designated as web-based will need to have access to the internet and access to appropriate computer equipment on a regular basis in order to complete these courses. Students must make sure that their internet connections and equipment are reliable. They are responsible for communicating with the professor to insure continuing participation in the course should lapses in their internet service occur.

Assessment Program. Belmont University is committed to assessment of all programs as a means of assuring quality and identifying possibilities for improvement. Assessment of the Liberal Studies program is managed, primarily through the Liberal Studies Intellectual Growth and Inquiry and Capstone courses and includes a variety of assessment tools designed to measure learning outcomes.

Awards and Honors, Honor Societies, Campus Organizations

Like all undergraduate students at Belmont University, degree-seeking University College students are eligible for campus awards, for membership in honor societies, and for participation in campus organizations.


All degree-seeking University College students are required to participate in the convocation program required of all students seeking undergraduate degrees. Students who transfer credit from previous study should consult The Guide or the student affairs web site for specific requirements. Students will have the option of completing any convocation requirements necessary by submitting a portfolio documenting participation in the categories listed. Guidelines for the portfolio option are available from the Office of Adult Degree Programs or from the academic advisor.

Transfer from Adult Degree Programs to Traditional Programs

The University College of Belmont University, in conjunction with other colleges of the university, offers the following degrees for working adults: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration (PBBA) with concentrations in general business or accounting; the Bachelor of Science in Nursing for registered nurses; the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Management, the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Ministry, and the Bachelor of Social Work. Students enrolled in the University College who choose to transfer to another college of the university will be subject to tuition rates of the new college. Additionally, they will be required to pay the difference between current tuition rates for the University College and the college to which the student is transferring for all credits earned at Belmont while enrolled in the University College*.

*Students with special “hardship” circumstances may appeal for relief from the tuition policy for transfers between colleges. Such appeals should be directed to the Assistant Provost of Interdisciplinary Studies who will decide the appeal based on criteria established with the college and university.

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