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Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty (T-Z)

Faculty 2020-2021

Date in parentheses shows first year of full-time service to Belmont. 

Timmy Tappan, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Audio Engineering (1998)

Eric Tarr, Associate Professor of Audio Engineering (2013)
Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Ohio State University Columbus;  B.A., Capital University

Cathy Taylor, Professor of Nursing and Dean, Gordon Inman College of Health Sciences and Nursing (2012)
D.P.H., University of Alabama at Birmingham; M.S.N., University of Tennessee, Health Science Center; B.S., Middle Tennessee State University; B.S.N., University of Alabama at Huntsville

Susan Lee Taylor, Professor of Marketing/Department Chair for Entrepreneurship and Marketing (2000)
D.B.A., Mississippi State University; M.B.A., B.S., Nicholls State University

Mary Lauren Teague, Assistant Professor of Music Business (2020)
J.D., University Tennessee Knoxville; B.B.A., Belmont University

Jennie Carter Thomas, Professor Emerita of Management (1989)
B.A., George Peabody College; M.S., Tennessee State University; Ed.D., Vanderbilt University

Jennifer T. Thomas, Professor of Biology and Assistant Director of the Teaching Center (2000)
Ph.D., Northwestern University; M.S., Loyola University Chicago; B.S., University of Evansville

John W. Thompson, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Health and Physical Education (1968)
Ed.D, North Texas State University; M.Ed., B.S., East Texas State University

Jonathan L. Thorndike, Professor of English (1998)
Ph.D., M.A., Michigan State University; B.A., Alma College

Richard H. Tiner, Professor of Mass Communication (1997)
Ph.D., Regent University; M.S., Eastern Washington University; B.S., Mid-America Christian University (Gulf Coast Bible College)

David T. Tough, Associate Professor of Audio Engineering Technology (2006)
Ed.D., Tennessee State University; M.B.A., Pepperdine University; B.A., University of North Texas

Joel Treybig, Professor of Music and Coordinator of Faculty Brass Quintet and Player (2005)
D.M.A., University of Texas at Austin; M.M., University of Akron; B.M.E., Baldwin Wallace University

Charles Trost, Professor of Law (2013)
J.D., University of Alabama Tuscaloosa; LLM, New York University; B.A., Vanderbilt University

Susan H. Trout, Assistant Professor of English and English Major Coordinator(1998)
M.A., University of South Carolina; B.A., College of Charleston

Kevin S. Trowbridge, Associate Professor of Public Relations (2011)
Ph.D., Regent University; M.A., University of Memphis; B.A., Union University

Bernard Turner, Associate Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Director of Social Entrepreneurship (2008)
Ed.D., Trevecca Nazarene University; M.A., St. Marys University of Minnesota; M.B.A., University of Toledo; B.S., University of Findlay

Camille Turner, Instructor and OTW Academic Fieldwork Coordinator (2013)
M.S.O.T., Belmont University; B.A., University of the South

Elizabeth Usman, Associate Professor of Law (2011
J.D., Boston College; B.A., Boston University

Jeffrey O. Usman, Associate Professor of Law (2011)
J.D., Vanderbilt University; LL.M., Harvard Law School; B.A., Georgetown University

Marnie Vanden Noven, Associate Professor of Sport Science (2012)
D.P.T., Concordia University ; Ph.D., M.P.T., Marquette University; M.S., B.A., University of Arizona

Mary E. Stairs Vaughn, Professor of Communication Studies and Chair Communication Studies (1999)
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University; M.A., Ball State University; B.S., Grace College

Marieta V. Velikova, Associate Professor of Economics (2006)
Ph.D., M.A., Mississippi State University; B.S., People’s Friendship University of Russia

Michael L. Voight, Professor of Physical Therapy and Adm Sports PHT Residency Program (1998)
D.P.T., University of St Augustine; M.Ed., University of Virginia; B.S., Portland State University; CERT, Hahnemann University

Mark D. Volker, Associate Professor of Music (2009)
Ph.D., University of Chicago; M.M., University of Cincinnati; B.M., Ithaca College

Mark Volman, Assistant Professor of Entertainment Industry Studies Program (2007)
M.F.A., B.A., Loyola Marymount University

Larry E. Wacholtz, Professor of Music Business (1979-81; 1984)
Ph.D., Ohio State University; M.A., University of Memphis; B.A., Eastern Washington University; A.A., Spokane Falls Community College

Kristy Wahaib, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice (2010)
Pharm.D., Butler University

Charles F. Wainright, Professor of Management, Healthcare Administration/Dir of Health Care MBA Program (2008)
Ph.D., University of Alabama, Birmingham; M.H.A., Baylor University; B.S., University of Alabama

Elizabeth Wall, Associate Professor Emerita of Music
B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; B.M., Nashville Conservatory of Music; M.M., Chicago Musical College

Barbara Ward, Assistant Professor Emerita of Mathematics and Computer Science (1999)
M.S., University Of Memphis; B.A., Vanderbilt University

Albert W. Wardin, Jr., Professor Emeritus of History (1967)
B.A., Willamette University; B.D., Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., University of Oregon

Dorothy Lee Warren, Professor of Accounting/Chair for Accounting and ISM (1998)
Ph.D., University of Georgia; M.B.A., Vanderbilt University; A.B., Randolph College

Jane Warren, Associate Professor of Music and Assistant Director of Choral Activities (2005)
D.M.A., University of South Carolina Columbia; M.M., Baylor University; M.M., Southern Methodist University; B.M., Furman University

Jerry L. Warren, University Professor Emeritus (1969)
D.M.A., M.S.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; B.M., Samford University

Amanda Waterman, Instructor of Nursing (2018)
M.S.N., Capella University; B.A., B.S.N., Quincy University

Cynthia A. Watkins, Professor Emerita of Education (2001)
Ph.D., University of Missouri at Columbia; M.Ed., Southeast Missouri State University; B.S., University of Tennessee at Martin

Lucy Watkson Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2019)
Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State Univ; M.Ed., Vanderbilt University; B.S., Belmont University

Laurence A. Watts, Professor of Religion (2005)  
Ph.D., Garrett-Evan Theological Seminary; M.Div., Baptist Theological Seminary; Th.M., Duke University; B.A., Baylor University

Nathan Webb, Associate Professor of Communication Studies (2013)
Ph.D., University of Kansas; M.A., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; B.S., College of the Ozarks

Andrew A. Webster, Professor of Pharmaceutical, Social, and Administrative Sciences (2007)
Pharm.D., B.S., Temple University

Mark E. Whatley, Associate Professor of Music (2011)
D.M.A., Rice University; M.M., University of Kentucky; B.M., Belmont University

Kristi L. Whitten, Professor of Music (2001)
D.M.A., M.M., Indiana University; B.M., Belmont University

Sara Wigal, Assistant Professor of Publishing (2019)
M.A., Emerson College; B.A., University Of California San Diego

Claire Wiley, Reference and Instruction Librarian with Assistant Professor Rank (2011)
M.A., University of North Carolina, Greensboro; B.A., Harding University

Brandon Williams, Assistant Professor of Art (2019)
M.F.A., Kansas St University Manhattan; B.F.A., Kutztown University Of Pa

Christi Williams, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy (2013)
D.P.T., Belmont University; B.S., Clemson University

Christian Williams, Director and Assistant Professor of Public Health (2017)
D.P.H., East Tennessee State Univ; M.P.H., East Tennessee State Univ; B.S., East Tennessee State Univ

Susan G. Williams, Professor Emerita of Management (2001)
Ph.D., University of Georgia; B.S., M.A., East Tennessee State University

Rachel Wilson, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship (2015)
Ph.D., B.S., University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Edward L. Winn, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Finance (1977)
D.B.A., Indiana University; M.A., Vanderbilt University; B.S., University of Florida

Betty Wiseman, Associate Professor Emerita of Health and Physical Education (1966)
D.N.P., University of Kentucky; M.S.N., University of Virginia; B.S., University of Mississippi

Linda G. Wofford, Professor of Nursing and Director of Graduate Studies In Nursing (2007)
D.N.P., University of Kentucky; M.S.N., University of Virginia; B.S., University of Mississippi

Debra Wollaber, Professor Emerita of Nursing (1988)
Ph.D., Syracuse University; M.S., Russell Sage College; B.S.N., University of Mississippi

M. Elizabeth (Beth) Woodard, Associate Professor of Management and Chair of Management (2000)
Ph.D., University of Alabam,a Birmingham; M.S., Medical University of South Carolina; B.S., Clemson University

Thomas Clifford Wooten, Professor of Accounting (1994)
Ph.D., M.P.Ac., Georgia State University; B.B.A., University of Georgia

Daniel T. Wujcik, Instructor of Audio Engineering Technology Program (2004)
M.M., University of Miami; B.M.E., Clarion University

David K. Wyant, Assistant Professor of Management/Healthcare Management (2013)
Ph.D., University of Minnesota; M.A., M.B.A., Ohio State University; B.A., University of Oregon

Ted D. Wylie, Professor of Music (1985)
D.M.A., M.M., Indiana University; B.M., Oklahoma Baptist University

Lonnie R. Yandell, Professor of Psychology (1985)
Ph.D., B.A., Texas Tech University

Jayme Yeo, Associate Professor of English (2013)
Ph.D., M.A., Rice University; B.A., Seattle Pacific University; A.A., Portland Community College

Sehyun Yoo, Professor of Finance
Ph.D., Temple University; M.B.A., University of Navarra (Spain); B.S., University of Buckingham (UK)

G. Stanley York, Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business Administration (2007)
Ed.D., University of Tennessee; M.S., Auburn University; B.A., Tennessee Temple University

Marilyn Young, Professor of Accounting/Chair for Acct and ISM (2001)
Ph.D., University of Mississippi; M.T.A., B.S., University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

Lynn Zehrt, Associate Professor of Law (2012)
J.D., University of Alabama; LL.M, Georgetown University; B.A., University of South Carolina

Tiffinie Zellars, Assistant Professor of Nursing (2020)
D.N.P., Vanderbilt University; M.S., Meharry Medical College; M.S.N., B.S.N., Tennessee State University

Peng Zhang, Assistant Professor of Computer Science (2019)
Ph.D., M.S., Vanderbilt University; B.S., Lipscomb University