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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Study Abroad Program

Thandi Dinani, Director, Office of Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Belmont offers students the opportunity to broaden their education while earning credit hours toward their degrees through a wide variety of Study Abroad Programs on six of the seven continents. These programs, which range in duration from two weeks to a full year, can be taken for core, major and/or elective credit at the undergraduate and graduate level. Hours earned in these programs are not affected by transfer and off-campus credit hour restrictions. In addition to Belmont exchange programs, students may select to study abroad worldwide through other programs approved by Belmont. All such programs qualify for financial aid for eligible students. Scholarship money is also available for a limited number of students yearly.

Maymester and Short-terms Programs

Maymester, Summer and Spring Break programs offer our students credit-bearing, intensive and unique learning experiences both on campus and abroad which are not available using customary class schedules. These short-term programs provide students with the opportunity to gain an international experience while being taught by Belmont faculty members and earning Belmont credit towards general education requirements and/or majors/minors. These courses are offered over spring break, during 3 weeks in May or from 5 to 8 weeks over the summer. Previous programs have included: Tropical Biology and Conservation in Belize, Royal Trendsetters- The London Theatre Experience; The Rhythm of Business in Brazil; Healthcare Delivery in the Developing World in Cambodia; A Moment of Zen: Ancient and Modern Japan; Under the Gaze of Mont Blanc in Switzerland; Crossroads of Europe and Asia in Turkey; and Belmont in the Holy Land, Greece, Turkey and Israel. 

Exchange Programs

Belmont students can enroll in semester and year abroad programs through exchange agreements with universities in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and South Korea. These programs serve to enrich international understanding by bringing students from abroad to live and study on Belmont’s campus and by sending Belmont students to study at institutions in these countries. These institutions include: Victoria University, Australia; Copenhagen Business School , Denmark; École de Management de Normandie, France; Université d’ Angers, France; Euromed School of Management and Business, France; Conservatoire de Musique d’Angers, France; École des Beaux-Arts, France; Otto Beisheim School of Management and Business, Germany; Technische Universitӓt, Germany; University of Cologne, Germany; Hochschule für Musik, Germany; Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Sogang University, South Korea. 

Direct Enroll Programs

Students will enroll directly in a foreign university with the assistance of the Office of Study Abroad. Students are considered as ‘international students’ and study with students from the host institution as well as other international students allowing for direct interaction with students from all over the world. Like exchange programs, direct enrollment programs attempt to integrate students into the host institution, and students can take courses as if they are enrolled in a degree program. Belmont offers the following direct enroll options:

Regent’s College London, England http://www.bacl.ac.uk/

University of St. Andrews, Scotland http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/

University of Santiago de Compostella, Spain http://www.usc.es/index.html

Program Providers and Affiliates

Study Abroad program providers can be companies or other universities that facilitate study abroad programs. These organizations are professionals in administering programs, provide onsite student support services and act as intermediaries for students providing assistance with course registration and housing arrangements. Partnering with program providers and affiliates allows Belmont students to have a wide range of study abroad program options that include service-learning and internships opportunities as well as a wide variety of destinations. Some organizations may focus on certain academic areas or countries. Belmont has relationships with the following program providers:

ANAC (The New American Colleges & Universities) http://www.anac.org/anacsa/index.html

Arcadia University, College of Global Studies http://www.arcadia.edu/abroad/

CEA Global Education http://www.gowithcea.com/

Connect 1 2 3 http://www.connect-123.com/

CCSA (Cooperative Center for Study Abroad) http://ccsa.studioabroad.com/

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad http://www.australearn.org/

IFSA Butler http://www.ifsa-butler.org/

Semester at Sea http://www.semesteratsea.org/

SAI Study Abroad Italy http://www.saiprograms.com/

*See the Office of Study Abroad Website, www.belmont.edu/studyabroad, for the latest availability of programs.

International Studies Program (ISP)

__ 1950-4950. Studies Abroad (3-18). Study in a foreign country through an official study abroad program, beginning through advanced level. Individual course titles indicating discipline, level, subject, hours, and location assigned for each unit taken. Courses may count toward major, minor, core, and/or elective credit, as determined, in consultation with the program director, by the chair of the department in which credit is to be assigned. Repeatable up to the level designated by each discipline in which credit is taken.

ISP 2000. Contemporary European Culture (3). An interdisciplinary travel abroad course on contemporary European culture, life and thought. It examines the arts, political economy, health-care, humanities, science, and infra-structure of European communities through visits to significant places and institutions in present-day Europe and through information, discussions and pertinent readings.