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Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Services

Computer Services

Data and Information Services supports and maintains the university’s administrative data and information, housed primarily on Digital Equipment Corporation mid-range systems. The data and information are accessible to students, faculty, and staff through interactive terminals and networked personal computers. Data and Information Services is located on the third floor of the Lila D. Bunch Library.

Technology Services provides the campus support for the technological infrastructure. The areas comprising the department are Telecommunications Services, Network Services, and Internet and Library Services. Telecommunications Services maintains the university’s telephone and telephone-related services. Network Services supports the campus’ data networks. Internet and Library Services provides resources for the software related to the Internet as well as those products housed in the Library systems. Technology Services is also located on the third floor of the Bunch Library.

User Services supports the computing environment on Belmont’s campus. The department offers support for desktop applications, minor computer repair, consulting services, and support for the computer labs. User Services is currently located in the Massey Business Center Computer Lab.

The Massey Computer Lab features three labs with workstations for faculty, staff and students and is located on the third floor of the Massey Business Center. The center contains three rooms of up-to-date Dell desktop computers with two laser jet printers in each room. All computers are connected to the campus network and are preloaded with Microsoft Office and any other essential software. A scanner is also available on an as needed basis at the front desk.

The Clayton McWhorter Microcomputer Center is located on the first floor of the Lila D. Bunch Library. This unit contains 34 Dell computers for general student use. Some workstations feature standard word processing and spreadsheet software, while others are equipped for more demanding tasks. All of the units are networked with the entire campus.

The Humanities/Education Computer Lab in WHB 101 contains several models of Macintosh and PC computers which can be used for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and presentations. Students have access to Internet, the use of CD-ROMs and Teleconferencing equipment for research and training. The lab is used to provide the training as mandated by the State Department of Education for licensure in all areas. The lab is also open on a limited basis for individual student use.

Other small computer labs are located in the Belmont Heights Baptist Church, Hitch Science Building, Wilson Music Building, and Fidelity Hall.

Library Services


With service, leadership, and innovation as guiding principles for life-long learning, and in close partnership with the Belmont community, the vision of Lila D. Bunch Library is to facilitate access to information in a timely and convenient manner within an inviting atmosphere.


The library’s primary goal is to enhance the university’s academic program by developing and organizing a well-rounded, accessible, curriculum-based collection, and by providing course-related library instruction to classes and individuals. Secondary goals are to provide the materials and bibliographic assistance needed for faculty research; to provide materials for general information in subject areas not covered in the curriculum; and to collect and preserve all historical materials related to the founding and development of Belmont University. The library encourages students to use the facilities for both research and study purposes .

With a faculty/staff of seventeen, the Lila D. Bunch Library offers computerized access to 345,485 items, carries 736 unique single title periodical subscriptions, subscribes to approximately 61,000 periodical titles through electronic databases, and houses a complete file of ERIC documents from 1981 to the present. With its primary goal to enhance the university’s academic program, Bunch Library strives to provide a well-rounded, accessible collection based on the curriculum. To facilitate use of the holdings, the library offers course-related library instruction and individualized reference service. Computers located throughout the building provide computerized access to the library catalog as well as to periodical citations, full-text, graphics, and page images of articles, reports, statistics, etc. The same access is also available from office or home as well as from the McWhorter Lab in Bunch Library. Access to the internet is also available in the library and the McWhorter Lab. The library’s faculty and staff members seek to make service the library’s top priority.

Transcripts of Credit

Official transcripts of a student’s grades may be requested from Belmont Central. No transcript will be issued while an individual has an unpaid account. The student’s signature is required for the release of a transcript.