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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Belmont's Governing Ideas

Our vision, mission and values jointly known as the university’s “governing ideas” distinguish us as a university that seeks to serve students from diverse backgrounds within a Christian community. These ideas honor our past, define our present, and describe our future. The statements honor our past by building upon the principles of academic excellence, Christian community, and service to others that have long been the hallmarks of a Belmont education. Our present is defined, by our governing ideas, in proclaiming the student-centered nature of a Belmont education, the ends to which we at Belmont engage in the experience of teaching and learning. Finally, our governing ideas enhance our future because our work to achieve this high calling is continual.

As a Belmont University family of students, faculty, staff, and board, we value honesty, mutual respect, and listening and learning from everyone which is the foundation that ensures our efforts to build the promising future that is uniquely Belmont's.

Robert C. Fisher, President