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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Music Therapy (MUY) - Course Descriptions


MUY 1010 – Introduction to Music Therapy (2). Prerequisites: MUT 1310 and 1330 or permission of instructor.  Course content develops a basic understanding of the music therapy profession. Students will be exposed to music therapy principles and techniques, applicable populations, settings, and introduced to entry-level music therapy competencies.  ($50 course fee)

MUY 2020 – Psychology of Music for Music Therapists (2) This course is designed to introduce music as a psychological, sociological, therapeutic, and aesthetic phenomenon as it relates to the practice of music therapy.  The class focuses on the psychological foundation of music, placing emphasis on the topics of perception, emotion, creativity, musical development, human physiology, and behavior.  

MUY 3010 – Music Therapy Foundations and Principles I (3). Prerequisite: MUY 1010 or permission of instructor.  The course content introduces entry-level competencies for field of music therapy.  The course is geared toward individuals with non-music therapy undergraduate degrees working toward an equivalency in music therapy as well as to undergraduate music therapy majors.   ($100 course fee)

MUY 3020 – Music Therapy Foundations and Principles II (3).  Prerequisite: MUY 3010. A continuation of Music Therapy Foundations and Principles I, the course continues to develop entry-level competencies needed for individuals pursuing the music therapy equivalency or an undergraduate degree in music therapy. Specifically, this course focuses on the treatment process. Music Therapy Foundations and Principles I and II should be taken consecutively.  ($100 course fee)

MUY 4010 – Music Therapy Applications (3).  Prerequisite: MUY 3020. Course content focuses on the application of music therapy principles and foundations with various populations and in various settings.  The course must follow Music Therapy Foundations and Principles I and II.  ($100 course fee)

MUY 2010 – Behavior Modification for Music Therapy (2).  Prerequisite: MUY 1010 or permission of instructor. Course content emphasizes cognitive behavioral principles and observational categories pertaining to classroom reinforcement.  Students will experience role playing/practicing techniques to be employed later in the classroom and therapy settings.  ($50 course fee)

MUY 4020 – Music Therapy Research (2).  Prerequisites: MUE 4250 and MUY 3020, or permission of instructor. The course content enables students to develop basic research competencies necessary for the field of music therapy:  the ability to read and understand research data, the ability to understand and develop basic research designs, and the ability to apply research findings to music therapy practice.

MUY 4030 – Music Therapy Internship (2). The internship consists of clinical fieldwork with a population chosen by the student in consultation with Belmont University faculty. Successful completion of the internship requires at least 900 hours in a music therapy clinical setting either (a) approved by American Musical Therapy Association or (b) contracted with Belmont University according to established affiliation guidelines.  Internship must be completed within 2 years following the completion of the last music therapy course.  Some sites may require additional hours or time spent in internship.  By virtue of acceptance of a particular site, the intern is agreeing to all site requirements for satisfactory completion of the internship including: duties, assignments, competencies, length of internship, etc. ($500 course fee)