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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Major in Philosophy of Religion (B.A.)

This major creates academic space for the student interested in the study of religion and the way it relates to larger philosophical issues in society. This major complements the School of Religion's Religious Studies major by providing an academic plan of study for the student not preparing for ministry in a local church or community setting.

Major in Philosophy of Religion (B.A.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements B.A. 59-63
Prerequisites for Religion Major1 6
REL 1250, New Testament and Exegesis 3
REL 2350, Christian Doctrine2 3
Major Requirements 30
Core Emphasis 9
REL 1410, Vocation and Christian Life 1
REL 2410, Spiritual Formation 3
REL 2510, Christian Ethics 3
REL 4015, Colloquium3 2
Area Emphasis
Choose three classes from the following: 9
REL 2360, Hermeneutics (3)
REL 3310, Christian Histroy I: Ancient and Medieval Eras (3)
REL 3320, Church Histroy II: Reformation and Modern Eras (3)
REL 3360, Contemporary Issues in Christian Theology (3)
REL 4230, Old Testament Theology (3)
REL 4360, Theology and Literature (3)
Choose four classes from the following: 12
PHI 2250, Applied Ethics: Global Moral Cultures (3)
PHI 2330, Ancient Philosophy (3)
PHI 2360, Medieval Philosophy (3)
PHI 2380, Creationism and Evolution (3)
PHI 3230, Comparitive Philosophy (3)
PHI 4070, Eastern Philosophy (3)
Philosophy Readings or Topics Course approved by PHI (3)
Minor Requirements 18
Electives 15
Total 128

1 Students who choose a Philosophy of Religion major should take PHI 2310 Philosophy of Religion as a Humanities General Education requirement.Students who choose a religion minor must substitute required courses in their minor with a course from the same subject area. In other words, a single course may not count for both major and minor requirements.

2 REL 2350, Christian Doctrine is a prerequisite for the following: REL 2410 Spiritual Formation; REL 2510 Christian Ethics; all courses in Religion and Society division, in the Theological and Historical Division, and Biblical Studies Division.

3 Students take REL 4015 in the fall semester before the anticipated date of graduation.