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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Major in
Biblical Studies (B.A.)

This major focuses upon providing skills for biblical interpretation and study. In addition to a foundation of spiritual formation and theology, nearly two thirds of this major is the study of the Scriptures.

Major in Biblical Studies (B.A.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements B.A. 59-63
Prerequisites for Religion Major1 6
REL 1250, New Testament and Exegesis 3
REL 2350, Christian Doctrine2 3
Major Requirements 30
Core Emphasis 9
REL 1410, Vocation and Christian Life 1
REL 2410, Spiritual Formation 3
REL 2510, Christian Ethics 3
REL 4015, Colloquium3 2
Area Emphasis 21
REL 2360, Hermeneutics 3
Religion and Society Course 3
Theological / Historical Studies Course 3
Biblical Studies Elective in OT 3
Biblical Studies Elective in OT 3
Biblical Studies Elective in NT 3
Biblical Studies Elective in NT 3
Minor Requirements 18
Electives 15
Total 128

1 Students who choose a religion minor must substitute required courses in their minor with a course from the same subject area. In other words, a single course may not count for both major and minor requirements.

2 REL 2350, Christian Doctrine is a prerequisite for the following: REL 2410 Spiritual Formation; REL 2510 Christian Ethics; all courses in Religion and Society division, in the Theological and Historical Division, and Biblical Studies Division.

3 Students take REL 4015 in the fall semester before the anticipated date of graduation.