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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Major in English Hours
General Education Core Requirements for B.A. 56-58
Technical Requirement (Hours Counted in Gen Ed Humanities):
ENG 1050, Understanding Literature Language (3)
Major Requirements (Major Core plus one Emphasis) 34-36
Major Core 19-21
ENG 2000, Critical Reading and Writing about Literature 3
One from the following: ENL 2110, ENL 2210, ENL 2310, or ENL 2330 3
One from the following: ENL 2120, ENL 2220, ENL 2320, or ENL 2340 3
Two from ENW 2100, ENW 2430 or ENW 2510 3
ENG 3000, Junior Seminar 0
ENG 4900, Senior Seminar 3
ENG 3960, Internship 1-3
Literature Emphasis * 15
ENL 3800, Special Topics in World Literature 3
One from: ENL 3540, 3620, 4350, 4360, 4370 3
Nine additional hours of electives at the 3000-4000 level
(3 of which can be ENW)
Writing Emphasis ** 15
ENW 3020, Theories of Writing 3
One from the following: ENL 3540, 3620, 4350, 4360, 4370 3
Nine additional hours of electives at the 3000-4000 level
(3 of which can be ENL)
Minor Requirements 18
Electives 16-20
Total 128

*Students pursuing the English Major, Literature Emphasis may combine this with the Writing Minor but not with the Literature Minor.

**Students pursuing the English Major, Writing Emphasis may combine this with the Literature Minor but not with the Writing Minor.


Minor in Literature Hours
ENL 2110 and ENL 2210 6
One of the following: ENL 2000, ENL 2120, 2220, 2310, 2320, 2400 3
Three English electives, numbered 3000 and above 9
(English minors may count no more than one ENW prefix course towards the 9 hours of upper level electives in English)
Total 18

Minor in Writing Hours
ENW 2510, The Art of the Essay or
ENW 2430, Intermediate Creative Writing
ENW 3020, Theories of Writing or
ENW 3570, Professional Writing
Four English Elective courses numbered 3000 or above (may include one ENL prefix course) ** 12
** Note: One elective may be replaced by:
MDS 1130, Media Writing I (pre-req for this course is MDS 1100) or
ENW 2100, Digital Literacies: Composing for Online Environments or
TDR 2400, Scriptwriting (pre-req for this course is TDR 2000 or TDR 2800)
Total 18

English Endorsement Hours
ENL 2110, British Literature I 3
ENL 2210, American Literature I 3
ENL 3500, History of the Language and Linguistics 3
ENW 3510, Creative Nonfiction 3
ENL 3620, Shakespeare: Representative Plays 3
Three hours from the following 3
ENL 2120, British Literature II
ENL 2220, American Literature II
ENL 2310, Continental Literature I
ENL 2320, Continental Literature II
ENL 2330, World Literature I
ENL 2340, World Literature II
ENL 2400, Literature Survey Special Topics
Total   18

Minor in Second Language Acquisition Hours
Core Requirements
HUM 2000, Language and Culture 3  
EDU 2100, Foundations of Education 3  
ENL/W 3500, History of the English Language 3  
EDU 4215, English Language Learner (3) or
SLS 3500, Language Instruction Methodologies (3)
Six hours chosen from the following classes, with at least one in ENL/W, EDU, or SLS 6***
ENW 3050, Peer Tutoring (3)
ENL/W 4500, Special Topics in English Grammar and Linguistics (3)
ENL/W 3960, Internship (related to language instruction) (3)
EDU 3030, Literacy I (3)
EDU 4230, Liteacy II (3)
COM 2100, Speech and Diction (3)
COM 3150, Intercultural Communication (3)
ENL/W 3980, Practicum in Pedagogy (1-3)
An advanced phonetics course in any Foreign Language
Total   18

***Students who are also pursuing a minor or major in Education must take an additional 3 hours from the courses listed above; any course listed above taken as part of another major/minor program cannot also be counted as filling requirements in this minor. In connection with this minor students must also meet the following requirements: 1) Complete 6 hours of the study of a second language at the 2000 level or higher; 2) Complete two (2) experiential learning opportunities in connection with the courses listed above; 3) Complete a study abroad experience.

SLS courses listed on Interdisciplinary page.

Advanced Placement and CLEP Credit Policy for First Year Writing Seminar

Students with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Language and Composition exam or on the Literature and Composition exam receive credit for ENG 1010; to complete their General Education composition requirement these students must still complete ENG 3010. Students who have taken both AP English tests and scored at least 4 on both tests receive a credit for ENG 1010 for one test and 3 additional hours of general elective credit. No CLEP credit will be awarded for ENG 1010.