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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Writing Courses (ENW)

(Beginning in summer 2004 the ENGW prefix will be ENW)

ENW 1950-4950. Studies Abroad (3-12). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Study through the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA), beginning through advanced level. Individual titles will be assigned to each course taken, indicating place of study and subject matter. Courses may count toward major, minor, core, and/or elective credit. Students must consult with the CCSA representative prior to enrollment to determine credit within the program of study.

ENG 1990-4990. Independent Studies (1-3). Courses designed with a professor for independent study purposes. Prerequisites: ENG 1100.ENG/ENW 1990 does not fulfill general education humanities requirement. (Note: Final sentence only applies to ENG/ENW 1990).

ENG 1895-4895. Special Topics (1-3). Special Topics or pilot courses.

ENW 2015. Studies in Writing (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Explorations of writing offered as linked cohorts with other general education courses. Does not fulfill English major or minor core requirements.

ENW 2100. Digital Literacies: Composing for On-line Environments (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. This course explores a variety of digital literacies. Students will critically analyze and compose within a variety of multimedia genres. In addition to learning industry-standard publication and design software and HTML/CSS code, students will work with many modes (words, image, sound, hypertext, arrangement) of texts to investigate the process and the rhetorical consequences of authoring in these digital environments - from conception to publication to distribution. Courses may count in Humanities credit in the General Education Core curriculum. 

ENW 2430. Introduction to Creative Writing (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Introduces students to theory and practice of writing in different creative genres, including fiction and poetry. Students will craft their own works in each genre, using multiple drafts.

ENW 2510. The Art of the Essay (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010.This course engages students in the deceptively simple question, "What is an essay?" Finding the answer requires a semester long survey to see how writers both past and present have handled this varied and flexible art form. This is a reading-and-writing-intensive course designed to prepare students for future academic work and for an intellectually engaged life beyond college. Required of all students following the "writing Emphasis" in the English major.

ENW 3000. Junior English Seminar (0). Prerequisite: ENG 1010 and ENW 2000. This requirement for all English majors, though open to English minors as well, is designed to be taken late in the junior year or early in the senior year. Students prepare for their future, considering such issues as preparation for graduate school, teaching, and other professional tracks. Guest speakers and graduates of the program will help introduce students to a variety of career paths. Fall semester only.

ENW 3020. Theories of Writing (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010.   Designed as an introduction to the study of writing, this course invites students to examine in depth and from a wide variety of perspectives how, when, where, and why people read and write. The course also seeks to develop students' reading and writing habits and skills. Required of all students following the "Writing Emphasis" in the English major; to be taken the sophomore year, before enrolling in 3000-level ENW courses. Does not fulfill general education Humanities requirement.  May not be used in substitution for ENG 3010 Third Year Writing.

ENW 3050. Writing and Learning: The Peer Tutor Seminar (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Open to Writing Fellows Only. This course focuses on theories and practices involved in the writing and editing process, including invention, writing strategies, issues of editing and grammar, and revision, and the student's own composing process. Each person enrolled in this course will be required to tutor ten hours for the semester and observe other writing classes and tutorials.Does not fulfill general education humanities requirement.

ENW 3410. Creative Writing: Fiction (3). Prerequisite: ENW 2430 or ENW 2510. Devoted to studying the theory and practice of fiction and to writing and revising several drafts of stories, one of which is to be submitted for publication.

ENW 3420. Creative Writing: Poetry (3). Prerequisite: ENW 2430 or ENW 2510 or permission of instructor based on portfolio submission and interview. Devoted to studying the theory and practice of poetry and to writing and revising several drafts of poems.

ENW 3500. History of the Language and Linguistics (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Traces the development of English from Anglo-Saxon to modern English in the context of history, linguistic theory, and the Indo-European family of languages. Cross listed as ENL 3500.

ENW 3510. Creative Nonfiction (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. As readers and writers, students will be introduced to the still-evolving genre of creative nonfiction, including such subgenres as the memoir, literary journalism, and cultural critique, among others. This course aims to be both theoretical and practical in that students will alternate between learning about the genre, reading in the genre, and writing extensively in the genre.

ENW 3520. Writing and the Creative Process (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Each offering of this course will focus on the creative process as it has been addressed by well-known authors an/or their biographers. Seminar topics may include, for example, Writers on Writing, in which students will read both literary works and reflections on writing by the same group of authors, or Writers on Film, in which students will analyze depictions of authors in the movies. Courses may be repeated given a different topic.

ENW 3530. Writing About Place (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Each offering of this course will concern writing that is centered on particular locations. Students will both read and write about appropriate places of interest to them. Seminar topics may include, for example, Writing (About) Nashville, Writers in the Community, and Travel Writing. Course may be repeated given a different topic.

ENW 3550. Exploratory Writing (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. This course introduces the art of writing and rewriting exploratory prose. Possible topics include Nature Writing; Writing and Spirituality; Journal Writing. Courses may be repeated given a different course topic.

ENW 3560. Reading and Writing in the Genres (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Each offering of this course will focus on the writing of literature in a specific genre. Students will both read and write in the genre under consideration. Seminar topics may include, for example, Reading and Writing Memoir, Reading and Writing Ethnography, Reading and Writing Children's Literature, Reading and Writing Biography, Reading and Writing 'Zines, or Reading and Writing for the World Wide Web. Course may be repeated given a different topic.

ENW 3570. Professional Writing (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. An introduction to the art of writing in business and technology. Course topics include Technology and Writing, and Technical and Professional Writing. Course may be repeated, given a different course topic.

ENW 3660. History of Rhetoric (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Students in this course will seek to develop an awareness of how and why public discourse and rhetorics have changed over time and influenced a wide variety of social movements. This class will survey classical to contemporary rhetorics in the effort to engage with central, timeless questions about ways in which language intersects with power and culture.

ENW 3670. Perspectives of Literacy (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Over time, literacy has been seen from a variety of perspectives: as salvation, as obligation, and - as a civil right. This course will consider individual acts of reading and writing and the connections of those acts to larger social, historical, political, economic, and material systems.

ENW 3680. Book Editing in Context (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Students in this course will examine the cultural history of book editing and will consider a range of editing techniques, including developmental editing, content editing, and copy editing. Assignments will demonstrate how these techniques are used in contexts from commercial to scholarly publishing.

ENW 3580. Writing in the Community (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. An upper-level service-learning course. Students in this class will write for (and with) local organizations in ways that serve both the needs of the organization and the students. Emphasis will be placed on the ways in which context and audience shape writing and the writing process. The particular nature of the writing projects will depend on what the students and the organizations determine to be essential goals.

ENW 3970. Journal Workshop (1-3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. Students who work on the staff of the Belmont Literary Journal may receive 1 to 3 hours per semester. The criteria for credit is established by the adviser. No student may earn more than 6 hours credit. Does not count for core literature credit. Collectively, only a maximum of three hours of credit for ENL / ENW 3960, 3970, 3980 may count toward hours in the English major, minor, or Writing Minor. Does not fulfill general education humanities requirement.

ENW 3980. Practicum in Pedagogy (1-3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010 or the equivalent and permission of instructor. Arranged on an individual basis, this course introduces students to pedagogies and practice used in teaching literature, writing, and /or English language. Students work closely with a faculty mentor and students in the classroom or tutoring setting. Collectively, only a maximum of three hours of credit for ENL / ENW 3960, 3970, 3980 may count toward hours in the English major, minor, or Writing Minor. Does not fulfill General Education Core Humanities requirements. Does fulfill BELL Core EL requirements.

ENW 4010. Writing Seminar: The Portfolio (1). Prerequisite: ENG 1010. This course serves as the capstone for students completing the Writing Minor. Students will compile a professional portfolio of their best writing for public exhibition.

ENW 4500. Special Topics in English Grammar and Linguistics (3). Prerequisites: ENG 1010 and ENL/W 3500. This course, which will vary in focus with individual offerings on specific topics in Advanced English Grammar and Linguistics. Course is repeatable two times with different topics.