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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17


Minor in Classics Hours
Cultural Foundations (choose six hours from the following): 6
ENG 2310, Continental Literature I (3)
PHI 2330, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3)
CLA 3300, Classical Mythology (3)
Classical Languages: LAT or GRK 2000-level (intermediate) and above 6
Electives (choose six hours from the following list): 6
Any CLA prefix courses
Any GRK or LAT course 2000-level or above
ENG 2310
PHI 2330, 4080
REL 1150 and 1160*; 2150, 2160, 3150, 3160
ART 2800, 4610, 4620
*For these paired courses, students must take the second to receive credit in the minor for the first. Credit for 1020 level or 1160 level can be given if student places into that level.
Total Hours 18