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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Global Leadership Studies Major

Global Leadership Major (B.A or B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements 59-61
Includes the following requirements (Hours Counted in Gen Ed Core):
SOC 1010, Introduction to Sociology (3) 0
ECO 2210, Principles of Macroeconomics (3) 0
REL 3090, Spirituality in World Religion (3) or
REL 3095, Ethics in World Religion (3)
Core Requirements 9
GLS 1100, Introduction to Global Leadership 3
GLS 3100, Leadership Across Cultures 3
GLS 4015, Senior Capstone for Global Leadership 3
Tool Requirement
Participation in an approved Study Abroad program earning at least 3 hours of credit
Area Emphasis (choose 7 courses, at least one from each area) 21
Communication and Psychology
COM 3150, Intercultural Communication (3)
COM 3340, Organizational Communication (3)
PSY 3250, Cross Cultural Psychology (3) 1
Political Science
PSC 2300, International Relations (3)
PSC 2400, Comparative Politics (3) 2
PSC (one upper level International Political Science course) 3
REL 2510, Christian Ethics (3) 4
REL 3510, Poverty & Justice (3)
REL 3540, Eco-Justice & Faith (3)
ECO 3900, The Chinese Economy or MKT 3010, International Marketing (3)
ECO 4400, International Economics (3)
INB 3300, International Business (3)
MKT 3210, Principles of Marketing (3)
History and Humanities
ENL 4370, Advanced Studies in World Literature (3)
HIS (one upper-level World History course) (3) 5
HUM 3500, Topics in Asian Culture (3)
PHI 3230, Comparative Philosophy (3)
Minor Requirements 18
Electives 19-21
Total 128

1 This course has a prerequisite of PSY 1100 or 1200, which may be taken as a general education course.

2 This course has a prerequisite of PSC 1210, which may be taken as a general education course.

3 From PSC 3420, 3430, 3450, 3480, 3481, 4320.

4 This course has a prerequisite of REL 2350.

5 From HIS 3450, 3700, 3720, 3800, 3850, 4700, 4750, 4820, or 4850.

Global Leadership Studies Courses (GLS)

GLS 1100. Introduction to Global Leadership (3). This course will enable one to understand leadership competencies, theories, and frameworks to further one's own self-awareness, values and purposes.  Special attention is given to understanding the challenges facing global leaders in the 21st century.

GLS 3100. Leadership Across Cultures (3). This course compares leadership across cultures and countries.  Students will explore the relationship between culture and leadership styles, ideas of cultural diversity and globalization, and implications for leading within and across national borders and global regions.  The course also explores the challenging but increasingly important task of working across cultures in cross-functional teams composed of person from different professions, cultures, ethnicities, racial identification, and religious and/or social backgrounds.  

GLS 4015. Global Leadership Studies Capstone (3).  The capstone course is designed to be the culminating work for the Bachelor's degree in Global Leadership Studies.  With the guidance of the instructor, students will design a project to demonstrate their mastery of leadership competencies, theories, and models.  Students will consider their own personal approach to global leadership and will integrate knowledge from across several disciplines and also their study abroad experience as they prepare an analytical study of leadership issues that arise when groups with shared goals seek to cross borders between cultures, countries, and world regions, and when project teams are composed of diverse cultural backgrounds.  Students will include scholarly research, attention to ethical frameworks, and critical analysis in their project.