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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Major in Church Music and Worship

The Major in Church Music and Worship provides training for those interested in careers in music and worship ministry incorporating diverse musical styles and methodologies. Students pursuing this major choose either a traditional applied performance track (in which all private study is classical in nature) or an integrative track (which includes private study in both classical and commercial styles). The major is appropriate preparation for graduate study in church music at the seminary/graduate school level.

Major in Church Music Hours
General Education Core Requirements 43-44
Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
Music Core 40
Common Music Core   33  
Specific Music Core 7
MUE 3240, Choral Conducting 3
MUE 3270, Conducting Lab (2 semesters) 0
MUK 1110, Introduction to Digital Musicianship 1
MUT 3310, Form and Analysis or MUT 4330, Contemporary Arranging 3
Major Area 42

Applied Principal (8 Semesters Required)

Traditional Applied Track:
MA_ 1210, 1220, 2210, 2220, 3210, 3220, 4210, 4220 (1)


Integrative Applied Track:

MA_1210; MA_1220; MA_2210; MA_2220; MA_3110 and MB_1110; MA_ 3120 and MB_1120; MA_4110 and MB_2110; MA_ 4120 and MB_ 2120 (1)

Support Courses 3
a) Voice
MAA 1060, 2050, Diction & Song Literature I and II 2
MAA 3050, Opera & Oratorio Lit. & Vocal Pedagogy 1
b) Piano
MAB 2050, 2060, Piano Literature I and II 2
MAB 3050, Piano Pedagogy 1
c) Organ
MAC 2050, 2060, Organ Literature I and II 2
MAC 3050, Service Playing 1
d) Instrumental
MAI 2050, 2060, Technique & Literature of the Major Instrument I and II 2
MAI 3050, Instrumental Pedagogy 1
e) Guitar
MAD 2050, 2060, Classical Guitar Literature I and II 2
MAD 3050, Classical Guitar Pedagogy 1
Additional Required Courses:

MA_ 3070, Seminar
(Required each semester enrolled in Applied Principal, minimum of 8 semesters)

Additionally, students choosing the Integrative Applied Track must also take:
MAI 3080, Commercial Seminar (required every semester enrolled in commercial applied principal, minimum of 4 semesters)

MUG 2020, Sophomore Technical 0

MA_ 3000, 25-minute recital (required for students choosing traditional applied track)
MCY 3000, 25-minute integrative recital (required for students choosing integrative applied track)

M__ 1110, 1120, 2110, 2120, Applied Secondary (2)
(4 Semesters Required)
MUG 2010, Piano Proficiency Examination 0
MUR 3410, Church Music Education for Children 3
MUR 3420, Church Music Education for Youth and Adults 3
MUR 3430, Instruments for the Church Musician 1
MUR 4410, Foundations of Church Music Ministry 3
MUR 4420, Hymnology 3
MUR 4430, Music Ministry Internship 2
MUR 4440, Music in Worship in the 21st Century: Philosophy and Practice 3
Free Electives (with 43-hour General Education Core) 4
Total 132

1 No more than 16 hours of the Applied Principal may be counted toward degree requirements.

2 Secondary applied study must be continued each semester until proficiency is passed. If proficiency is passed prior to completing four semesters, students have choice of secondary area for remaining semester(s). Piano is the required secondary for all principals except keyboard. Voice is the required secondary for keyboard principals .