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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Department of Biology

Ronald Barrett (professor emeritus), Chris Barton, Hannah Clayton*, Jessica Gadsden-Gray*, Robert T. Grammer, Matt Heard, David R. Hill (professor emeritus), Roger Jackson, Lori McGrew, Steven Murphree, John Niedzwiecki, Darlene Panvini, Nicholas Ragsdale, Donald Ramage (professor emeritus), Emily Rotich*, Elaine Shelton*, Jason Spaeth*, Erick Spears*, Laura Stephan, Jennifer Thomas. 


To be a department characterized by superior teaching/learning experiences combining personal interaction with creative use of technology; enrichment of academic growth by a curricular structure which continually stimulates independent student exploration of the biological sciences; and an atmosphere of Christian concern for the student in the areas of career planning, academic advising, intellectual growth, and development of an appreciation for, and an ethical sensitivity to matters of biological concern.


The Biology Department is dedicated to providing students with an academically challenging curriculum which enables them to develop a basic understanding of and an appreciation for the organisms and interactions making up the living world.


  1. Effectively search, read, and comprehend the biological literature
  2. Develop written/oral arguments using data
  3. Use appropriate technology to present in a public forum
  4. Analyze data quantitatively with appropriate technology
  5. Apply scientific method to a research question
  6. Synthesize conclusions
  7. Develop proficiency with lab/field equipment
  8. Relate structure to function
  9. Comprehend genetics
  10. Recognize principles of adaptation and evolution
  11. Participate in a collaborative research experience
  12. Participate in community-based scientific endeavors
  13. Reflect on the social consequences of biology

Not all courses are offered in any one year. Certain advanced courses alternate to meet demands.