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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Course Descriptions (SNG)

SNG 2000. Songwriting Internship Lab (0). Prerequisite: sophomore standing. This career development course addresses internship expectations, job strategies, and interviewing skills.

SNG 2100. Seminars, Workshops, Showcases (0). Program specific sessions intended to demonstrate practical application or explore philosophical and current issues related to the music and entertainment industries.  Attendance requirements are stated in the course syllabus.  Pass/Fail.

SNG 2110. Commercial Songwriting I (3).  Prerequisites: MBU 1110 and MUT 1300 OR MUT 1310 and MUT 1330 OR music theory of higher level.  This is the practical application and technique of the working songwriter. Students will study fundamentals of melody, lyrics, "hooks," points of view, and song logic. Students will also cover solo writing as well as the concept of collaboration.

SNG 2120. Commercial Songwriting II (3).  Prerequisites: SNG 2110. This course is an advanced study of songwriting on demand, cataloging creative works, and developing professional habits as related to the business of songwriting.

SNG 3000.  Songwriting  Internship (1-6).  Prerequisites: MBU 2000, MBU 3450, junior standing, a minimum of 2.0 Belmont cumulative G.P.A. This formal career education experience enables students to intern at entertainment business organizations for a selected period of time. Grade is pass/fail.  (May be repeated up to a maximum of 6 credit hours.) Gen. Ed. Designation: EL (I - Internships, Clinicals, Practica).

SNG 3110. Songwriter Practicum (3). Prerequisites: SNG 2110  Fundamental  of Commercial Songwriting I.  The development of an individual’s unique songwriting “voice” is encouraged while demo production occurs and the study of the songwriting business continues. Groups will be genre specific – pop, country, show tunes, hip-hop, Christian, jazz, etc. Internships at song-publishing companies on Music Row are encouraged.

SNG 3120. Lyric Writing  (3). Prerequisites: SNG 2120 Fundamentals of Commercial Songwriting II.  A study of lyric writing.  Historical masters of composition and lyric writing will be analyzed.  Students will learn title/concept development and write lyrics based on selected readings.

SNG 3950-4950.  Studies Abroad (3-18).  Study in a foreign country.  Individual course titles and locations are assigned for each course taken.  See Studies Abroad program for details.

SNG 3990-4990. Independent Studies (1-3). Courses designed with a professor for independent study purposes.

SNG 3895-4895. Special Topics (1-3). Special Topics or pilot courses.

SNG 4015. Songwriting Senior Capstone (1). Prerequisite: Junior Cornerstone Seminar and ENG 3010, Third-Year Writing. This course is a culminating experience in the major, which also addresses the goals for the Senior Capstone as defined in the course description for GND 4015.  These goals include reflection on the students' whole educational experiences and on their transition from the university setting to post-graduation.

SNG 4110. Song Writer Mentorship (1). Prerequisites: SNG 3110 and Songwriting program coordinator approval. Individualized study with an assigned mentor for students seeking the professional collaborative experience.  Application required.  Must be submitted one semester prior to mentorship.  May be repeated for a total of 2 credit hours.