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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

International Business Courses (INB)

INB 3300. International Business (3). Prerequisite: ECO 2210. An introduction to the theories and practices of international business. The course gives special emphasis to the impact of environmental forces on multinational firms and on management responses to changing international conditions.

INB 3800. Comparative Economic Systems (3). Prerequisites: ECO 2210 or ECO 2220. This course investigates the organization of economic systems in the world's major industrialized nations. Through comparative analysis of social, private sector, and governmental institutions, students learn the strengths and weaknesses of national economies. The economics of China, the European Union, Japan and the Commonwealth of Independent States are the primary areas of interest for this course. Particular emphasis is placed upon the impact of globalization in each economy.
Gen. Ed. designation: GS (G - Global Studies).

INB 3900. The Chinese Economy (3). Prerequisites: ECO 2210 or ECO 2220. An overview of the structure and transformation of the Chinese economic system from 1949 to present day with emphasis on the business environment since 1979. Topics include: government and regulatory oversight, privatization of State-owned enterprises, strategies for commercial success, World Trade Organization influence, growth of inward and outward investment, international merchandise and services trade, and global resource demand.

INB 4200. International Entrepreneurship (3). Prerequisities: ETP 3000 and INB 3300.  This course provides students with an overview of key trends and developments in international commerce as it influences the entrepreneurial sector of the economy.  The course familiarizes students with selected theories and concepts of international business and with the ways in which they affect entrepreneurial ventures.  Students will work on projects that will examine the international dimensions of starting and growing an entrepreneurial venture.

INB 4310. International Marketing (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. The course will explore the differences between domestic and international marketing. Marketing problems, opportunities, and organization of multinational firms to serve transnational markets are examined. Government aids and impediments are discussed along with a framework for cross-cultural analysis.
Gen. Ed. Designation: GS (G – Global Studies).

INB 4330. International Capital Markets (3). Prerequisites/Corequisites: FIN 3210, INB 3300 or permission of instructor. This course analyzes the key financial markets and instruments that facilitate international trade and investment activity. The economic determinants of exchange rates in the major financial markets are studied and the financial tools and techniques used to manage exchange rate exposure by the firm are identified and explored.

INB 4400. International Economics (3). Prerequisites: ECO 2210 or ECO 2220. An examination of the special problems and issues surrounding the economic interaction of sovereign nations. Topics include gains from trade, patterns of trade, balance of payments, determination of exchange rates, free trade and protectionism, international capital markets, and issues in international policy coordination.
Gen. Ed. designation: GS (G - Global Studies).