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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

Accounting Courses (ACC)

ACC 1895-4895 Special Topics (1-3).

ACC 1990-4990. Independent Study (1-3).

ACC 2410. Accounting Principles I (3). An introduction to financial accounting concepts. A study of the accounting cycles of service organizations and merchandisers emphasizing the recording of business transactions, and the preparation of financial statements for such organizations. Emphasis is also placed on the accounting principles relating to the measurement, valuation and reporting of assets, liabilities and equity, and related internal control considerations.

ACC 2420. Accounting Principles II (3). Prerequisite: ACC 2410. An introduction to managerial accounting and cost concepts primarily related to manufacturing firms. This course emphasizes the use of accounting in planning, operating, control activities and decision-making.

ACC 2430. Integrated Accounting Principles (6). Prerequisite: BAD 2050 or ISM 1330. This course is an introduction to financial and managerial accounting concepts. The course emphasizes the role of accounting in a business organization.

ACC 2440. Integrated Accounting Principles I (3). Prerequisite: BAD 2050 or ISM 1330. This course will examine accounting for service and merchandising business models. Students will develop business plans and use accounting information for decision making, record transactions, prepare financial statements and perform ratio analysis.

ACC 2450. Integrated Accounting Principles II (3). Prerequisite: ACC 2440. This course will examine accounting for manufacturing business models and for corporations. Students will develop business plans, use accounting information for decision making, record transactions, prepare financial statements, and perform ratio analysis.

ACC 3310. Intermediate Accounting I (3). Prerequisite: ACC 2420 or ACC 2430 or ACC 2450. The first of two in-depth financial accounting courses. Theory, the conceptual framework, development of generally accepted accounting principles, and applications are stressed. Topics include the income statement, the statement of cash flows and the balance sheet, specifically asset accounts and current and contingent liabilities accounts.

ACC 3320. Intermediate Accounting II (3). Prerequisite: ACC 3310. The second of two in-depth financial accounting courses. Theory, concepts, and applications are stressed. Topics include time value of money, current and non-current liabilities, leases, deferred income taxes, pensions, stockholder's equity, earnings per share, accounting changes and errors and statement of cash flows.

ACC 3350. Federal Income Taxes (3). Prerequisite: ACC 2420 or ACC 2430 or ACC 2450. A study of federal income tax laws with particular emphasis on the preparation and filing of individual, partnership, and corporate tax returns.

ACC 3351. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (3). Prerequisite: ACC 3350 and permission of the instructor. VITA is an IRS program to provide tax preparation services to low-income and elderly taxpayers. The IRS maintains several VITA sites in Nashville. As this is an IRS-administered program, students, who participate, must complete IRS training in early January. Currently, the IRS training consists of learning tax preparation software as well as passing two on-line tax knowledge exams. This experiential learning class closely simulates real world experience of working with tax clients. Students must commit to working one night a week during the tax season, which runs from late January to April 15.

ACC 3460. Cost Accounting (3). Prerequisite: ACC 2420 or ACC 2430 or ACC 2450. A study of how accounting data can be interpreted and used by management in planning and controlling business activities. Included in this study will be the accounting for costs of manufacturing a product or rendering a service with attention given to job order, process and standard cost systems. Budgeting, variance analysis and relevant costs for decisions making are also covered.

ACC 3520. Accounting Information Systems (3). Prerequisites: ACC 2420 or ACC 2450 or ACC 2430; and ISM 1330 or GND 2050. This course provides students with a broad awareness of basic IS concepts, including inputs and outputs, processing procedures, files and controls as well as how IS impacts managerial decision-making and organizational structures. The course introduces students to a range of IS analysis and design techniques and steps in the system's life cycle.

ACC 3950, 4950. Studies Abroad (3-18). Study in a foreign country. Individual course titles and locations are assigned for each course taken. See Studies Abroad program for details.

ACC 4350. Auditing (3). Prerequisites: ACC 3320, ACC 3520. This course introduces the vocabulary, concepts, principles and techniques of auditing. After completing this course, students should understand the audit process and be able to use a variety of audit techniques to perform audits in the context of a financial statement audit.

ACC 4450. Special Topics in Accounting (3). This course offers the student an opportunity to explore and study a special current accounting topic not covered in other accounting courses.