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Belmont University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Students who have been awarded the IB diploma, upon receipt of official confirmation of this fact from the IBO, will be awarded 24 hours of university credit. Distribution of this credit will first be based on departmental policies regarding specific IB exams and scores, as articulated below, with the difference between that total (if any) and 24 hours being awarded as free elective, which counts as hours towards graduation but does not fulfill general education, major, or minor credit. No additional credits may be added to this total from AP credits, though satisfactory AP scores which do not duplicate IB credit may be used to replace general elective credit where applicable. Students who have been awarded the IB diploma will also be exempted from the Linked Cohort requirement in the Bell Core, though they will still have to take GND 1015 First Year Seminar.

No more than a total of 24 credit hours may be awarded in IB, AP, and or CLEP combined.

Students who have taken IB courses, but were not awarded the diploma, will be awarded individual Belmont credit based upon the matrix below.

Credits based on Exam Scores for holders of both the IB diploma and those who achieved success in some exams but did not accumulate sufficient points to be awarded the diploma:
Exam AreaLevelScoreBU CourseHours
First & Second Language Groups 1 and 2
Note: Students who wish to continue studying a foreign language must meet with the department for proper placement or to petition for a higher credit level.
English A1 HL w/diploma 4 & B on extended essay ENG 1010 3
  HL w/diploma 5-7 ENG 1010 & ENL 2400 6
  SL w/diploma 5-7 ENG 1010 3
  HL exam only 5-7 ENG 1010 3
English B (2nd language) HL w/diploma 6-7 Contact department for placement and credit 3
Foreign Language* A2 (native/near native proficiency) *specified by exam HL or SL 5-7 Contact department regarding credit  
FL* Language B HL 4-5
1010 & 1020
1020 & 2010
  SL 4-5
Individuals and Societies Group 3
Business/Management (ACC and FIN Module only) HL 6-7 ACC 2420 3
Economics HL 6-7 Either ECO 2210 or 2220 3
History (all concentrations) HL 5-7 HIS 1990 3
Philosophy HL 6-7 PHI 1600 3
Psychology SL or HL 5-7 PSY 1100 3
World Religions 1 SL or HL 5-7 REL 3090 (must take REL 1010 to complete Path B in BellCore) 3
Experimental Sciences Group 4
Note: for Group 4 exams not listed below, credit is granted for HL exams with scores of 5 or higher; contact department in question regarding credit.
Biology HL 6-7 BIO 1110 & 1120 8
  SL 5-7 BIO 1010 4
Chemistry HL 6-7 CEM 1610 & 1620 8
  HL 4-5 CEM 1610 4
  HL 3 CEM 1010 4
  SL 5-7 CEM 1610 4
  SL 4 CEM 1010 4
Mathematics Group 5
Mathematics HL 6-7 MTH 1210 4
  HL 5 MTH 1130 4
Fine Arts Group 6
Note: students with scores of 5-7 on HL exams in any of the courses in this group should contact the department in question regarding the possibility of an additional 3 hours of credit by placement and/or portfolio.
Dance HL or SL 5-7 DAN 2000 3
Music HL or SL 5-7 MUH 1200 3
Theatre HL or SL 5-7 TDR 2800 3
Visual Art HL or SL 5-7 ART 2000 3
For Students Admitted THE BELMONT HONORS PROGRAM the IB below applies: 1
World Religions HL or SL 7 HON 1517 3