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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Second Language Acquisition

Minor in Second Language Acquisition  18  
Core Requirements (12)  
HUM 2000, Language and Culture (3)    
EDU 2100, Foundations in Education* (3)  

ENL/W 3500, History of the English Language (3)

Choose one course from the following:
     EDU 4XXX, English Language Learners (3) or
     SLS 3100, Language Instruction Methodologies (3)
Other Course Requirements (6)    
Choose 6 hours from the following classes, with at least one in ENL/W, EDU, or SLS:
     ENW 3050, Peer Tutoring|
     ENL/W 4500, Special Topics in English Grammar and Linguistics (3)
     ENL/W 3960, Internship (related to language instruction)
     EDU 3030, Literacy I
     EDU 4230, Literacy II
     COM 2100, Speech and Diction
     COM 3150, Intercultural Communication
     An advanced phonetics course in any Foreign Language area
     Any SLS course
Total 18  

* Students who are also pursuing a minor or major in Education must take an additional 3 hours from the courses listed above; any course listed above taken as a part of another major/minor program can not also be counted as fulfilling requirements in this minor.

In connection with this minor, students must also meet the following requirements:
      - Complete 6 hours of the study of a second language at the 2000 level or higher
      - Complete 2 experiential learning opportunities in connection with the courses listed above
      - Complete a study abroad experience

Students seeking an Add-on Endorsement in Education must complete 6 additional hours at the Graduate Level, including an extended practicum or internship.