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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Classics Courses (CLA)

CLA 1950-3950. Studies Abroad (3-15). Study in Italy or Greece.

CLA 1990-3990. Special Studies (1-3). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and department chair.

CLA 2300. Greek Civilization (3). A survey of the culture and history of Greece from its Mycenaean origins through the Hellinistic period. Topics include literature, art, mythology, history, and philosophy. Cross-listed as HUM 2300. Global Studies

CLA 3300. Classical Mythology (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010 or 1100. This course concentrates on the myths of the Greeks and Romans, but it includes selected near eastern and Indian myths. The course emphasizes primary mythological texts, but also explores the “language” of myth; and for that purpose, includes philosophical and historical writers like the pre-Socratics and Plutarch, who give revealing glimpses of the ways in which myth was used and understood in the ancient world.

CLA 3310. Special Topics in Classical Studies (3). Prerequisite: ENG 1010 or 1100. Each offering of this course will focus on a particular topic pertinent to the study of the classical world. Course may be repeated one time with different topics.
Gen. Ed. Designation: GS (G – Global Studies).