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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Entertainment Industry Studies (B.A. or B.S.)

Entertainment Industry Studies (EIS)
The EIS program is a liberal arts oriented broad study of the diversity and interaction between society and entertainment-driven art, commerce, and technology.  Students of the EIS program complete either the B.S. or B.A. curriculum with a major in entertainment industry studies and a minor in a career related discipline.  Included in the EIS major are specialized courses in entertainment development and distribution, economics, law & licensing, and studies in creative, performance, production, writing, and mass media drawn from select liberal arts courses.

Entertainment Industry Studies (B.A. or B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements (B.A. or B.S.)     58
General Education Technical Requirement      
MDS 1500, Mass Media and Society (3) Hours count in Gen Ed. 0    
Major Requirement     34
EIS 1220, The Entertainment Industry 3    
EIS 2310, Entertainment Industry Economics 3    
EIS 2350, Creative Entertainment Technology 3    
MBU 2520, Intellectual Properties 3    
EIS 3840, Entertainment Distribution and Promotion 3    
EIS 4015, Senior Capstone 1    
EIS 4360, Entertainment Law & Licensing 3    
EIS 4400, Consumer Research in Entertainment Industry 3    
EIS Electives (3000 or above) 12    
Related Electives Requirement Hours
Related Electives - Must complete 9 credit hours from courses listed below. May not include courses within the major or minor area of study or thouse counted in the General Education Core.*     9
College of Arts and Sciences
     COM Communication
     HIS History
     MDS Media Studies
     PSC Political Science
     PRL Public Relations
     SOC Sociology
     ENG, ENL, ENW (any 2000-level or higher)
     Foreign Language
     CLA Classics
     PHI Philosophy
College of Business Administration
     ETP Entrepreneurship
     ECO Economics
     FIN Finance
     ACC Accounting
     MKT Marketing
     ISM Information Systems Management
     MGT Management
     INB International Business
School of Religion
     REL Religion
College of Visual and Performing Arts
     MUN Ensemble
     MUC Commercial Music
     MUH Music History
     MUL Music Literature
     MUE Music Education
     MUR Curch Music
     MUT Music Theory
     Applied Lessons
     ART Art
     TDR Theatre and Drama
     DAN Dance
Free Electives     9
Minor     18-24
Total     128-134
 * Some courses may require specific prerequisites or audition.