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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Finance Courses (FIN)

FIN 1895-4895. Special Topics (1-3).

FIN 1990-4990. Independent Study (1-3).

FIN 1510. Personal Money Management (3). Prerequisite MTH 1000 level or higher. This course examines the relationship of the consumer to the economy and covers topics such as: markets and prices, money management, home mortgages, family transportation, estate planning, insurance investments, savings and taxes. The course may not be used to satisfy the B.B.A. core requirement or toward the Finance concentration.

FIN 3010, 3020, 3030. Investments Laboratory (1). A one semester hour laboratory experience with actual equity investments. Students will manage a restricted stock portfolio, namely the Bruin Fund. Classes do not count toward Finance major requirements.
Gen. Ed. Designation: EL (C – Community Based Research).

FIN 3210. Business Finance (3). Prerequisite: ACC 2410 or ACC 2430 or ACC 2440; and Prerequisite or co-requisite: MTH 1150. This course contains an overview of basic financial concepts, tools and techniques used by financial managers of public corporations: financial instrument and project evaluation, sources of funding and strategic financial decisions.

FIN 3230. Real Estate (3). An introduction to current real estate problems and practices from the standpoint of the broker, businessman, and property owner. Includes the legal, financial, economic, and social aspects of the real estate field.

FIN 3330. Financial Institutions Management (3). Prerequisite or co requisite: FIN 3210. This course focuses on managing risk and return in financial institutions. The interest rate, credit, liquidity, foreign exchange and equity risks of financial intermediaries such as commercial banks, savings banks, investment banks and insurance companies are identified and tools and techniques used to control these risks are explored.

FIN 3380. Insurance and Risk Management (3). A study of the basic problems and principles found in modern-day insurance and in other risk-handling methods. It examines the diverse elements of risk and insurance from the risk manager's viewpoint.

FIN 3460. Investment Portfolio Management (3). Prerequisite or Co requisites: ACC 2410 or ACC 2430 or ACC 2450, and ECO 2220, and MTH 1150. This course provides students with a practical, “hands-on” learning opportunity in managing an investment portfolio. Utilizing a quantitative and qualitative discipline of equity analysis, students are able to learn and understand some of the criteria that Wall Street professionals use to derive intrinsic values and earnings growth rates of common stocks. In addition, this course offers an overview of the financial markets and the techniques in valuing and managing a variety of securities and investment products.

FIN 3950, 4950. Studies Abroad (3-18). Study in a foreign country. Individual course titles and locations are assigned for each course taken. See Studies Abroad program for details.

FIN 4210. Corporate Finance (3). Prerequisite: FIN 3210. This course focuses on the impact of the market valuation of assets on the investment and financing decisions of corporate managers. The following topics are analyzed in terms of importance to corporate decisions: corporate valuation, securities issuance and option theory and practice.

FIN 4330. International Capital Markets (3). Prerequisites/Co requisites: FIN 3210, MGT 3300. This course analyzes the key financial markets and instruments that facilitate international trade and investment activity. The economic determinants of exchange rates in the major financial markets are studied and the financial tools and techniques used to manage exchange rate exposure by the firm are identified and explored.
Gen. Ed. Designation: GS (G – Global Studies).

FIN 4410. Advanced Business Finance (3). Prerequisite FIN 3210, Co-requisite FIN 4210. This course covers a wide variety of financial topics including capital budgeting, options, cost of capital, and free cash flow analysis. Students will implement financial topics with a computer spreadsheet.

FIN 4450. Special Topics in Finance (3).  This course offers the student an opportunity to explore and study a special current finance topic not covered in other finance courses.

FIN 4460. Investment Management (3). Prerequisite: FIN 3210. A study of the application of financial theory and statistical and mathematical models to the valuation of financial assets and derivative financial assets. Based on valuation theory, issues related to the creation and management of portfolios are examined.