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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Non-Degree-Seeking Admission

Students who do not plan to earn a degree from Belmont may apply for admission through any of the following programs and may take one or many courses at Belmont. Non-degree seeking status is not automatic and is usually granted for one term only except in special circumstances.  Non-degree seeking students are prohibited by federal regulations from receiving federal financial assistance. The application fee for any non-degree seeking program is $15.00.   The application deadline for non-degree seeking admission is the Friday prior to the beginning of the term of entry.  All application materials must be received by the application deadline.

Audit Admission

Individuals wishing to attend class presentations as a non-participant in a non-credit, non-degree seeking status may apply to audit a course. Audit is non-credit in all cases and regular tuition fees apply. Since all classes are not open for audit, students must have prior approval of the Dean of the college or school in which the course is to be offered before being admitted. Students taking courses for credit have priority over audit students for class entry. Therefore, audit students may register on a space-available basis only. Students may not audit private music lessons.

Cross Admission

Students from an institution with whom University has a cross-town agreement who wish to take courses at Belmont under that agreement must complete the application and submit a Letter of Good Standing from their home institution. Please contact the office of the Registrar at your home institution for requirements related to your particular school’s agreement with Belmont.

Early Admission

Students may apply for early admission to Belmont after the junior year in high school. The student may be planning to skip the senior year, take courses during the summer only and return to high school as a senior, or take courses at Belmont concurrent with the high school senior year (Dual enrollment). The requirements for consideration are: completion, with grade of "C" or higher, three English courses and three math courses, SAT of 1110 (composite score of Critical Reading and Math) or ACT composite of 24, and a minimum high school GPA of 3.00 on academic subjects. In addition, the prospective student should outline the reason for requesting early admission and include letters of support from parents and the high school principal or counselor.

Irregular Post-Graduate Admission

The Irregular Post-Graduate status (IPG) is for students who hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university and would like to take additional undergraduate courses at Belmont. In addition to the application and fee, a student must submit an official copy of the college transcript with degree and graduation date posted.

Transient Admission

Admission as a transient student is granted on the basis of a completed application and a Transient Student Permission Form completed by an appropriate official at the student’s current university. A student coming directly from high school to summer school at Belmont needs to supply a high school transcript, test scores, application, fee and letter of acceptance from the university they will attend during the fall semester.

Regular Non-Degree Admission

Students who do not wish to earn a degree, but otherwise would normally fall into the freshman or transfer admission category, may apply as a non-degree seeking student. The application fee is $15.00, but all other admission requirements are the same as those for degree-seeking students.

Senior Citizen Audit

Senior citizens 60 years or older may audit a course, pending space available for $25 per course. Proof of age is required.