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Undergrad Catalog 2010

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are awarded to new students (both freshmen and transfer students) on the basis of promising performance and academic ability. Scholarship audition dates are held in November, January and February. The annual schedule of audition dates is available upon request from the School of Music Office and is online on the School of Music website.

Music scholarships are renewable through the four years of study provided the student maintains a 2.75 GPA in all courses and a minimum grade of "B" in principal applied study. This evaluation is made each semester with one semester of probation allowed before the scholarship is reviewed by the Scholarship Committee for termination. Music grants are available for certain instrumentalists based on ensemble participation.
Several special scholarships for students majoring in music have been provided by friends of the school, or designated from existing funds.

The Roy and Mildred Acuff Scholarship provides significant grants for outstanding music students.
The Betty Skelton Brewer Church Music Scholarship recognizes outstanding musicians preparing for a church music vocation.

The Cynthia R. Curtis Scholarship is awarded to a student with outstanding academic and performance skills.

The Melinda Doolittle Music Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate commercial music major who is a voice principal.
The Fowler-Gregg Orchestral Scholarship
is awarded each year to an outstanding member of the Belmont Orchestra.

The Friends of the Arts at Belmont-Music Scholarship, provided by gifts from alumni and friends of the School of Music, is awarded to one or more deserving incoming freshmen.

The Kathy Elmer Ganus Scholarship is awarded to a music major who demonstrates high academic and performance ability.

The Ronn and Donna Huff Endowed Music Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in composition and arranging.

The Bill Justis Scholarship is awarded to outstanding students in composition and arranging.

The Edith Sheriff Kimball Music Ministry Scholarship is awarded to music students preparing for a career in music ministry.

The Carolyn Townsend McAfee Endowed Scholarship is awarded to students who have a major or principal in organ or who are studying classical voice with a strong interest in choral performance.
The Florence Esther Mathis Scholarship is provided for a Baptist music major with financial need.
The Dunkin A. Nelson Scholarship is awarded to Commercial Music students with an emphasis in performance or composition and arranging.
The Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore Awards are given each spring in recognition of superior work during the previous academic year. A one-year scholarship award is provided for the following school year.

The Jonathan Phillips Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a percussion student.

The Theodore Presser Scholarship provided by the Theodore Presser Foundation, is awarded annually to the outstanding junior music student who is recognized as The Presser Scholar for the senior year.

The Mary C. Ragland Scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in classical voice.
The Richard C. Shadinger Scholarship is awarded to student with strengths as an organist, pianist or church musician.

The J. Randolph Smith and Betty G. Smith Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a student with especially strong performance ability.

The Chandler Thornhill Jazz Music Scholarship is awarded to a commercial music major with a primary interest in performing instrumental jazz.
The Elizabeth Wall Piano Scholarship is awarded to a deserving pianist.

Dr. Jerry L. Warren Choral Scholarship is awarded to an active member of Belmont Chorale.
The Johnnie Wiley Music Scholarship is awarded to older students with financial needs who are in church-related music studies.

The Merrydale Woods Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding freshman piano student.  This award may be retained for the four years of matriculation, during which time the student is recongized as a Woods Piano Scholar.