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Undergrad Catalog 2010

Facilities and Resources

The School of Music is housed in the Sam A. Wilson Music Building and the Massey Performing Arts Center.

The Sam A. Wilson Music Building, completed in 1994, contains the School of Music offices, music faculty studios/offices and instructional/rehearsal space. The lower level of this three-floor structure contains practice rooms, a piano lab, and two music technology labs. An organ studio containing a small Wicks pipe organ is also housed in this building.

The Massey Performing Arts Center is a two-level structure which houses both instructional and performance space. The upper level contains Massey Concert Hall, a multipurpose space with a seating capacity of 1000. The hall has a 39-rank, three-manual Wicks pipe organ, and two Baldwin concert grand pianos.

The lower level of the Massey Performing Arts Center houses teaching studios, classrooms, rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, and Harton Recital Hall. The recital hall seats 100 and contains two Baldwin grand pianos.

The music section of Lila D. Bunch Library includes more than 8,587 books, 12,145 scores, and subscribes to multiple on-line resources. The Listening/Viewing Center, also housed in the music section of the library, contains more than 8,000 compact discs, 9,000 LP recordings, 3,761 cassette tapes, 139 laser discs, 471 DVDs, computer software and CD rom programs, and 4,625 video cassettes, as well as listening and viewing facilities and an electronic keyboard for score reading. The music library is under the supervision of a full-time music librarian.

Percussion instruction, practice space and ensemble rehearsal space is located in Belmont Heights Baptist Church. The Church Sanctuary provides space for choral concerts. A 55-rank Aeolian-Skinner organ provides a fine resource for organ teaching and performance and for University events.

Basic band and orchestral instruments are available for class and ensemble use. Other instruments provided are 40 upright pianos, 40 grand pianos, and harpsichords by Sabithil Richard Kingston.  Belmont's historic Tower houses a 43-bell carillon.