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Undergrad Catalog 2010

B.A. in Art History

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History provides a solid foundation in the study of the visual art and architecture through time and across cultures using a process of investigation that is interdisciplinary in approach. The program introduces students to the wide range a artistic styles and periods, social focuses and cultural ideologies that shape the creation of art, and strategies for analyzing and interpreting meaning(s). Art history is a rich and varied filed of study that stimulates the imagination and encourages intellectual curiosity. This degree program is suitable for those who wish to pursue further study of art history at the graduate level or a career in museums, galleries or art organizations.

B.A. in Art History Hours
General Education Core Requirements     62 
Foreign Language (FRE or GER at the 2000 level or above fulfills requirement)   0  
ART 2800, Art History I (counts in the General Education BELL Core) 0
ART 4015 Senior Art Capstone (counts in the General Education BELL Core) 1 0
Major Requirements     27 
ART 1000, Introduction to Visual Interpretation  
ART 2810, Art History II  
ART 3650 Museum Studies   3  
ART 3660 Art History Research and Methodology  
ART 4630, Asian Art and Architecture   3  
ART 4740, Postmodernism and the Visual Arts


ART 4760, Special Topics in Art History  (take minimum of 3 times under different topics)   9  
ART 2200, Exhibit/Workshop Attendance (six semesters required)  0
Art History Electives 9
ART 3440, Hist/Philosophy of Design
ART 4620, Early Christian & Byzantine Art  
ART 4720 History of Photo  
ART 4850 Art Internship (in approved Art History context)   3  
ART 1950-4950 Studies Abroad  
Non-ART Electives (select one course) 3
ENW 3500 History of the English Language *
HIS 3000-4000 Level *
SOC 2010, Cultural History *
* Prerequisites apply; cannot be counted for minor requirements  
ART Electives (select 2 courses) 6
ART 1011, 2D Principles of Color 3
ART 1020, Principles of 3D Design 3
ART 1030, Drawing I 3
ART 1050, Painting I 3
ART 1060, Photography I 3
ART 1070, Clay I 3
ART 1080, Sculpture I 3
ART 1090 Printmaking I 3
ART 1400 Digital Imaging 3
Minor (Outside of ART)     18 
General Electives  


Total Hours 128
 1 Honors students taking this major must take ART 4015.