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Undergrad Catalog 2010

Minor in Education

Belmont students who are planning to enter the graduate Master or Arts in Teaching (MAT) upon completion of the undergraduate degree, can meet specific competencies required in the graduate program through course work offered in the Education minor.

Candidates who have completed the 18 credit hour professional education minor at Belmont University in the undergraduate program, with grades of 'C' or above in each course, and a GPA in the minor of 3.0 or above, may be considered as meeting competencies in the MAT graduate program. With the approval of the Chair of the Department of Education, these specific candidates may have up to fifteen (15) hours of the 45 hours required for the 4 + 1 version of the M.A.T. waived at the time of admission to the program.  Belmont does not accept transfer courses as having met these competencies.

Minor in Education Hours
Minor Requirements 18
EDU 2100, Foundations of Education 3  
EDU 2110, Educational Psychology 4  
EDU 2224, Human Development and Education OR
EDU 2221, Child Development
EDU 3800, Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in the Classroom 4  
EDU 4130, Organization and Management of Multicultural Classroom Communities 3  
Total   18