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Undergrad Catalog 2010

The PPL major is designed for students who are interested in the study of law and its relationship to government and politics.  The major is not a pre-professional program per se, but will instead provide an especially rigorous curriculum of courses that will be of interest to undergraduates who are interested in law and legal issues. 

Major in Politics and Public Law (B.A. or B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements     56-58 
Technical Requirement (Counted as part of the General Education core)   9  
ECO 2220, Principles of Microeconomics   3  
PSC 1210, American Government  
PHI 1510, Critical Thinking   3  
PSC Core Courses  
PSC 2200, American Political Institutions   3  
PSC 2300, International Relations  
PSC 2400, Introduction to Comparative Politics   3  
PSC 2500, Political Theory  
PSC 2600, Discipline of Political Science   3  
PSC 4600, Political Science Senior Seminar   3  
PSC 4980, Political Science Exit Seminar  
Other Major Requirements   30  

PSC 2700, Political Economy

PSC 3280 and 3290, Constitutional Law I and II   6  
PSC 4320, International Law and Organization (3), or
PSC 4490, Comparative Legal Systems
MGT 2410, Business Law I   3  
PHI 3170, Philosophy of Law (3), or
PSC 4290, The Nature and Function of Law (3)
Approved Major Electives 1   12  
Total Major Hours     49 
Minor (waived)     0 
General Free Electives  


Total Hours 128

1 Students may count up to six (6) credit hours of internship (PSC 3010 or 4010) toward the Politics and Public Law major.

Approved Electives for Politics and Public Law (PPL) Major
PSC 4490, Comparative Legal Systems  
PSC 4000, Internship      
PSC 4010, Capital Internship  

PSC 3510, Theories of the Civil Society      
PSC 3550, Modern Ideologies  
PSC 4290, The Nature and FUnction of Law  
PHI 4200, Philosophy of Law      
MBU 2520, Copyright Law  
MDS 4100, Communication Law      
SOC 3700, Criminal Justice      
SOC 3800, Criminology      
MGT 4220, Business Law II