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Undergrad Catalog 2010

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The IP major is designed for students who possess a global interest in political science.  The IP major is designed to prepare students for professional and/or graduate opportunities in areas such as foreign service, international law and media, and various emphases in different regions of the world.  This major is especially suitable for students interested in engaged learning.

Major in International Politics (B.A. or B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements     58-60 
Technical Requirement (Counted as part of the General Education core)   3  
HIS 1020, World History since 1500   3  
Core Courses  


PSC 2200, American Political Institutions   3  
PSC 2300, International Relations  
PSC 2400, Introduction to Comparative Politics   3  
PSC 2500, Political Theory  
PSC 2600, Discipline of Political Science   3  
PSC 4600, Political Science Senior Seminar   3  
PSC 4980, Political Science Exit Seminar  
Other Major Requirements     18 
Group One - Choose two of the following:  
PSC 3710, International Political Economy (3)      
PSC 3320, Global Conflict and Violence (3)
PSC 3340, National Security Policy (3)      
PSC, 4320 International Law and Organization (3)      
Group Two - Choose two of the following:  
PSC 3410, Politics of Africa (3)      
PSC 3420, Politics of Latin America (3)
PSC 3430, Politics of Asia (3)      
PSC 3450, Politics of Europe (3)      
PSC 3480, Politics of Middle East (3)
PSC 3510, Foundations of Democracy (3)
Group Three - Choose two courses from either Track A or Track B:  
Track A      
ECO 2210, Introduction to Macroeconomics (3)  
ECO 2220, Introduction to Microeconomics (3)      
Track B 1  
INB 3300, International Business (3)      
ECO 4400, International Economics (3), or
ECO 3800, Comparative Economic Systems (3)
Additional elective (not already taken) from either Group One or Group Two      
Foreign Language Requirement (2000-level or above of same language) 2  
Approved Study Abroad Experience 3   0  
Total hours in Major  


Minor (waived)   0  
General Elective  


Total Hours 128

1 ECO 1110, Economic Inquiry, is a pre-requisite for some courses in Track B that may also be used to meet three hours of general education requirements in social sciences.

2A student who completes the International Politics major may also receive a minor in a university approved foreign language if he/she completes six (6) additional hours at the 2000-level or above beyond the 12 hours required in this program; or a major if he/she completes requirements for a B.A. degree and the appropriate eighteen (18) hours at the 2000-level or above beyond the 12 hours required in the program for a language.

3 Additional Requirements: All majors in International Politics must complete an approved study abroad experience. (An experience corresponding to one's foreign language coursework is preferred but not required). The Washington Program may substitute if the experience is related to International Politics (as determined by the student's advisor and the Washington Program Director). Any exceptions to this exception must be approved through the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.