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Undergrad Catalog 2010

School of Social Sciences

Bryce Sullivan, Dean - College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


The Social Sciences are a fundamental component of a well-rounded education. Through confrontation of diverse perspectives, meaningful and informed dialogue, and critical reflection, the School of Social Sciences seeks to provide students rigorous preparation for productive careers, graduate and professional education, and lifelong learning.


The social sciences investigate through various modes of inquiry the interrelationships of individuals and groups in human society. Each department in the School of Social Sciences provides a unique applied and/or theoretical emphasis in this examination of human interaction. The school’s common purpose is to foster a deeper awareness of human behavior, institutions, culture, and society and to encourage personal growth through the development of critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, ethical reflection, and enlightened citizenship.


  1. Students of the Social Sciences will expand their awareness of how human actors, past and present, shape society.
  2. Students of the Social Sciences will explore how events, institutions, and cultures influence human perception and behavior.
  3. Students of the Social Sciences will develop skills as critical thinkers, readers, speakers, and researchers.
  4. Students of the Social Sciences will investigate a variety of moral perspectives to promote thoughtful ethical reflection and practice.
  5. Students of the Social Sciences will develop an understanding of the various modes of inquiry and tools of research and technology applied in their particular disciplines.
  6. Students of the Social Sciences will be prepared for post-graduate professional and educational opportunities in their selected fields of study.

The School of Social Sciences consists of six departments:

1. Department of Communication Studies
2. Department of History
3. Department of Media Studies
4. Department of Political Science
5. Department of Sociology
6. Department of Public Relations

The school participates in the provision of the following majors and minors:

  • Audio and Video Production (major)
  • Communication Studies (major and minor)
  • Corporate Communications (major and minor)
  • History (major and minor)
  • International Politics (major)
  • Journalism (major and minor)
  • Mass Communication (major and minor)
  • Multimedia Production (major)
  • Political Science (major and minor)
  • Politics and Public Law (major)
  • Public Relations (major and minor)
  • Publishing (major)
  • Sociology (major and minor)
  • Sports and Media (minor)
  • Video Production (major)