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Undergrad Catalog 2010


Marketing Courses (MKT)

MKT 1895-4895. Special Topics (1-3).

MKT 1990-4990. Independent Study (1-3).

MKT 3210. Principles of Marketing (3). Prerequisite: Junior standing. An introductory marketing course designed to give a basic understanding of marketing principles used by businesses and organizations, and the operation of our marketing system. The marketing mix, marketing environment, strategic marketing planning, marketing of services, and international marketing are some of the topics discussed.

MKT 3220. Personal Selling (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. A study of the fundamentals of salesmanship emphasizing the behavioral aspects of the communication process and a systematic approach to selling. The course utilizes a consultative approach to selling.

MKT 3230. Services Marketing (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. An application of marketing principles applied to service organizations. Unique problems in service businesses including intangibility, matching supply and demand, and relationship management are discussed.

MKT 3320. Consumer Behavior (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. An analysis of consumer motivation, consumer motivation, consumer purchase decisions, and factors that influence the decision process. Psychological, cultural, and media influences on decision-making are discussed.

MKT 3330. Sports Marketing (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. An introduction to the varied topics in the sports marketing industry. Some of the topics covered include marketing and media, advertising and communications, athletic endorsements, promotions and special events, licensing and merchandising, and sponsor relations as they relate to team and individual sports at both the professional and amateur levels.

MKT 3620. Marketing of Recorded Music (3). (Same as MBU 3620.)

MKT 3950, 4950. Studies Abroad (3-18). Study in a foreign country. Individual course titles and locations are assigned for each course taken. See Studies Abroad program for details.

MKT 4020. Advertising Principles (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. This course gives students a broad perspective of advertising. Topics include developing advertising objectives and strategy, planning, buying, and scheduling media, creating and producing advertisements, industry regulation, and ethical issues in advertising.

MKT 4310. International Marketing (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. The course will explore the differences between domestic and international marketing. Marketing problems, opportunities, and organization of multinational firms to serve transnational markets are examined. Government aids and impediments are discussed along with a framework for cross-cultural analysis.
Gen. Ed. Designation: GS (G – Global Studies).

MKT 4320. Retail Management (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3210. A study of strategic retail management. Attention is devoted to the retail strategy process, retail site selection, retail organization structure, and human resource management. In-depth analyses of merchandising planning and management, pricing, promotion, store design and layout, and customer service are covered.

MKT 4440. Market Research (3). Prerequisites: MKT 3210, MTH 1150 and at least two upper-level marketing courses. A study of modern marketing research techniques and their applications. Topics include research design, questionnaire design, sampling, data collection and analyses, and report preparation and presentation. This course normally includes a major project.

MKT 4450. Special Topics in Marketing (3). This course offers the student an opportunity to explore and study a special current marketing topic not covered in other marketing courses.

MKT 4750. Strategic Marketing Management (3). Prerequisite: Senior standing and completion of twelve hours of marketing courses. A capstone course for marketing majors that deals with the strategic market planning process. Topics include SWOT ANALYSIS, the strategic planning process, and the development of a marketing plan. This course normally involves a major project.