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Undergrad Catalog 2010

Major and Minor Fields
(A thru J)

or Major
MinorB.A.B.B.A.B.F.AB.M.B.S.B.S.N.B.S.W.Elem. or Middle Licensure**Sec.
Specialist Licence
Accounting X X   X                
Applied Discrete Mathematics X         X          
Art Education X       X           X
Art History  X X X                   
Art X  X            
Asian Studies  X  X  X                  
Athletic Training   X                    
Audio & Video Production X   X       X          
Audio Engineering Technology X   X       X          
Biblical Languages X  X                  
Biblical Studies X X X                  
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology X           X          
Biology X X         X     X X  
Biology - Pre Pharm Emphasis X X
Business Administration   X                    
Business Administration - Professional X X
Business General X     X                
Chemistry X X X       X      
Chemistry - Pre-Health Emphasis X X
Christian Ethics X X X                  
Christian Leadership X X X                  
Church Music X         X            
Chinese X
Commercial Music X         X            
Communication Studies X X X       X     X X  
Comparative Philosophy X
Computer Science X X         X          
Corporate Communications X X X
Dance   X                    
Database Management X
Design Communications X X     X              
Economics X X   X      X          
Education- Early Childhood X   X       X     X    
Education- Elementary X   X       X     X    
Education - Middle X X X X
Education- Secondary X   X       X        
English X X             X X  
English - English Literature   X                    
Entertainment Industry Studies  X    X        X          
Entrepreneurship X X   X                
Environmental Science X X       X          
Ethics (Interdisciplinary)     X                    
Exercise Science X           X          
Finance X     X                
French X X X             X X  
German X X X                  
History X X X           X X  
Information Systems Management X     X                
International Business X  X   X                
International Economics X           X          
International Politics  X    X         X          
Italian   X                    
Japanese X
Journalism X X X       X          

** Completion of these majors plus specific course requirements in the School of Education for the designated areas provides teacher licensure eligibility in the state of Tennessee.