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Undergrad Catalog 2010

Veterans and Military Personnel Degree Completion

Sources of University Credit

  1. Belmont University accepts work completed at accredited institutions on campus or through extension divisions. Work is acceptable in transfer as total hours passed, provided the course grade is “C” or above. (No more than 64 semester hours from a junior college.)
  2. Credit for military service is awarded (based on 2 years active duty).
    NOTE: Students must present documentation (DD214) to the Records Office for the credits to be posted as follows:

    Course Credit   Credit hours   Belmont Course Credit
    Physical Education   2 hours   PED 1600 (2) *
    First Aid   3 hours   General Free Elective (3)
    Physical Education   2 hours   PED 201T (1) (one hour in physical activity and one hour free elective) *
    Health   3 hours   General Free Elective (3)
    Military Science   4 hours   General Free Elective (4)
     Speech (officers only)   3 hours   COM 1100 (3)

    * Students have met Physical Education Gen Ed requirement.

  3. Service schools, as recommended by the American Council of Education in the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces. Credit subjects should be those acceptable in the university curriculum. It is not necessary that there be a comparable course at Belmont University.
  4. At least 32 semester hours must be taken in residence at Belmont University.
  5. A maximum of 25 semester hours may be awarded for USAFI subject examinations, for example, end-of-course tests or subjects standardized tests. CLEP subject exams (CEEB) are also in this category. Minimum percentile scores as recommended by ACE and USAFI are applicable.
  6. Correspondence credit from civilian colleges and universities is also accepted with a maximum of 12 semester hours.
  7. General Educational Development (GED) examinations of College Level Examination Program (CLEP):
    1. Six semester hours of credit will be granted for each of the five parts of the CLEP provided the individual attains a score equivalent to a "C" or above in each test.
    2. Six semester hours of credit will be granted for each of the four parts of the College-Level GED tests provided the individual attains the following minimum standard scores for each test:
      • Where one or more parts of each of these two types of tests are taken, credit will be granted as applicable. Credit will not be duplicated if tests have been taken in the same subject area. In the event of duplicate courses, only the higher grade will be accepted.
      • Test No. 1-55; Test No. 2-60; Test No. 3-61; Test No. 4-57; or an overall average of 60 on all four tests.
  8. CLEP (College Level Exam Program)
    Subject Exam: Credit will be granted according to the particular subject in which a score equivalent to a "C" or above is attained. This is normally 2 or 3 credits per subject. (See No. 5 under "Sources of University Credit").