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Undergrad Catalog 2010


Students may earn up to 24 hours credit through the CLEP program. See the Transfer section of the catalog for students that may be combining additional hours in IB, AP, and / or other pre-university courses. No more than a total of 24 credit hours may be awarded in IB, AP, and or CLEP combined.

CLEP Exam Title   CLEP SCORE   Belmont Course Credit
Calculus with Elementary Functions   50   MTH 1210
College Algebra   50   MTH 1110
College Mathematics 50 MTH 1020
Human Growth and Development 50 PSY 3100
Introductory Sociology 47 SOC 1010
Precalculus Mathematics 50 MTH 1130

Belmont University will not grant CLEP credits for any tests not listed above. Students attempting to transfer credit earned through a CLEP test accepted at another institution must provide an original CLEP transcript, and it must be one of the Belmont accepted tests listed above. Official score reports must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the time of application to the university.

The list of accepted CLEP exams is subject to review and change each year. The current catalog is always used to determine what CLEP exams are eligible to count at Belmont. Students should not use a past catalog (including their catalog of entry) to select CLEP exams.

Credit by Challenge Examination

Belmont University grants university credit in select courses to students who pass a comprehensive challenge examination. Credit by prepared examination is available. Academic departments and schools decide which of the courses they teach are available for credit by challenge examinations.

Students wishing to earn credit by challenge examination must complete the Credit by Challenge Examination Form which is available at Belmont Central. In completing the form, the student must secure permission to take a challenge examination from the appropriate department first and then from the dean of the school in which the credit is sought.

The fee for the examination is one-third the cost of the regular tuition for the course.

Distance Education

Belmont University will accept Distance Education courses up to a maximum of twelve semester hours outside of Belmont provided:

  1. the work is done through a regionally accredited institution;
  2. grades are "C" or above;
  3. a comparable course is offered at Belmont University;
  4. prior to enrolling students must obtain approval from the Office of the Registrar; and
  5. no more than one-fourth of any degree may be taken by distance education / extension.

Extension Work

A maximum of 18 hours of credit toward a degree may be permitted by the Provost for extension work done in other universities which are regionally accredited. Exceptional cases may be given consideration beyond this in granting additional hours for extension work. No credit is given for work done at other colleges or universities while a student is enrolled at Belmont University except by written permission of the Provost prior to enrollment. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the advisor regarding the applicability of extension work to the Belmont degree program prior to enrollment at another institution.