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Belmont University Graduate Catalog 2016-17

Master of Accountancy Degree Program

Curricular Plan for the Master of Accountancy (M.ACC.)

The M.ACC. degree program fulfills education requirements mandated under the Tennessee law that requires 150 hours of postsecondary coursework for candidates to qualify for the CPA examination.

The curriculum of The Massey School's M.ACC. consists of 30 hours and is a non-thesis degree. Students take at least 14 but no more than 20 hours of accounting courses, with the remaining taken in M.B.A. courses.

Undergraduate Accounting Prerequisite

A total of 18 undergraduate hours in accounting is required for admission to the M.ACC. degree program. At least 15 hours of other business courses, including statistics, are also required. Only undergraduate courses completed with a "C" grade or better will be considered as meeting the necessary requirements. Completion of the Belmont Summer Accounting Institute can be substituted for these requirements.

Master of Accountancy Curriculum

The M.ACC. is 30 hours in total. Students must select at least 14 hours, but no more than 16 hours from accounting courses. The remaining courses are selected from the M.B.A. catalog; however, three courses are required for all M.ACC. students. These courses are Leadership and Ethics, International Business Study Abroad, and The Entrepreneurial Challenge. Each student must develop a plan of study with his or her assigned advisor when admitted to the program. The plan of study lists the accounting courses and related courses that the student takes to complete the degree. The student's advisor must approve any changes to the program of study.

Completion Schedule

The program can be completed in one year. However, students may take a reduced load. Students have three years to complete all degree requirements.

M.B.A./M.ACC. Dual Degree Requirements

Students interested in obtaining both a Master of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy degree from The Massey School must meet the requirements of both degree programs. Some specific courses receive credit in both programs, provided the student is enrolled in the two degree programs simultaneously. Given simultaneous enrollment, the total number of hours for both degrees taken at Belmont University will be 56 hours, as compared to the 64 required hours if taken separately.

Due to accreditation requirements, students who already have a Massey School M.B.A. degree are not allowed to apply any of their previous hours toward the Master of Accountancy program. The M.ACC. program will be an additional 30 hours beyond the M.B.A. course requirements.

Students who have not already completed an M.B.A. or M.ACC. degree from another school may transfer up to six semester hours into The Massey School at the time of admission, with the approval of the Associate Dean.

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