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Graduate Catalog 2010

Academic Pre-requisites

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements (at undergraduate level)

The pre-pharmacy curriculum is similar to other health care professional preparation and  is intended to give the student the best possible background to pharmacy. Pre-pharmacy requirements may be taken at any regionally-accredited college or university and must be completed prior to matriculation into Belmont University School of Pharmacy.  All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better or credited by receiving Advanced Placement (AP) high school credit.  Possible exemptions will be decided by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the University Registrar.  

Pre-pharmacy course requirements necessitate at least two years of full-time academic study. Students applying for admission to the Pharm. D. program must have completed at a minimum the following undergraduate course requirements.

Prerequisite Course Requirements for Belmont Undergraduate Students Hours
Hour required (Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum for Belmont Students) 1 65
   Biology (BIO 1110 & 1120 or 3120)   8  
   General physics (PHY 1110)   4  
   General chemistry (CEM 1610 / 1620)   8  
   Organic chemistry (CEM 3310 / 3320)   8  
   Calculus (MTH 1210) 2   4  
   Statistics (MTH 1151) 2   3  
   Literature (ENL 2000-4380)   3
   First-year seminar (GND 1015)   3  
   First-year writing (ENG 1010)   3
   Economics (ECO 2210 or 2220)   3  
   Fundamentals of Speech Communication (COM 1100)    3
   Social science (History, Media Studies, Communication, Political Science, or Sociology courses)*
The School of Pharmacy will also accept Psychology in this category.
   Religion (REL1010 or 1020)    3  


   Linked courses 3  


Total 65

1 Students enrolled in the Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum at Belmont University are required to fulfill convocation requirements established by the University.

2Please note these courses have prerequisites. They may be met via multiple established methods, but students should meet with an advisor to ensure prerequisites are met.

3Belmont students must take a General Education "Linked Cohort." The Linked Cohorts are two courses taken together. Please work closely with an advisor so that course requirements above can be met within linked courses. Failure to do so may result in the student being required to take additional course work to meet the Linked Courses Cohort requirement.

 Prerequisite requirements for transfer students applying from institutions other than Belmont University

Prerequisite Course Requirement for Transfer Applications

Hour required (Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum for Transfer Students) 64
   Literature   3  
   English Composition   3  
   “Writing Emphasis” course (commonly denoted by a "W" or "WE" on transcripts)   3  
   Biology (with labs): (Example:  Botany, Zoology, Genetics)    8  
   General Physics (with lab): One course   4  
   General (inorganic) Chemistry (with lab): Two courses   8  
   Organic Chemistry (with lab): Two courses   8
   Calculus   3  
   Statistics   3
   General or Health Economics   3  
   Public Speaking / Fundamentals of Speech Communication    3

   Social science (History, Media Studies, Communication, Political Science, or Sociology)*
The School of Pharmacy will also accept Psychology in this category.

   Electives    6  
Total 64

These prerequisites are based on semester hours. Courses taken in quarter-based systems will be calculated at semester hour equivalents. In cases where quarter hours fall below the semester hours indicated, the school reserves the right to require additional coursework in the topic area to meet the minimum stated prerequisites.