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Graduate Catalog 2010

Library Services
Ernest W. Heard, Jr., Director of Library Services
Grover C. Baker, III, Music/Education Assistant
B.M., Belmont University; M.C.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
E. Paige Carter, Reader Services Assistant
B.A., Belmont University
James Clark, Reader Services/Technical Services Assistant
B.A., Vanderbilt University
Jenny Cole, Reference Librarian
Mildred Ann Edgin, Assistant Technical Services Supervisor for Cataloging
A.A.S., Volunteer State Community College; B.S.Ed., Austin Peay State University
Timothy James Gmeiner, Music Librarian
Barbara Goss, Technical Services Librarian
Karen P. Hargrove, Office Manager
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University
Sylvia D. Morris, Assistant Circulation Supervisor for Day Services
Risa Ramage Robinson, Electronic & Educational Resources Librarian
Susan E. West, Assistant Technical Services Supervisor of Acquisitions
B.A., Middle Tennessee State University
Rebecca N. Williams, Periodicals/Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Vance Joel Wilson, Circulation Manager
A.A., Pensacola Junior College; B.A., University of West Florida

Office of Institutional Research
Roy D. "Ike" Ikenberry, Director
B.S., Eastern New Mexico University; M.S., Texas Technological University; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Rasmussen Studies Abroad Program
John H.E. Paine, Director

Teaching Center
Merrie King, Director
Nanci Alsup, Program Assistant

Enrollment Services
Teresa Elder, Assistant to the Dean

Belmont Central
Helen Bond, Student Services Coordinator
Eric Simpson, Student Coordinator
B.B.A., Belmont University
Nicole Mullin, Student Coordinator
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Office of Admissions
Anne Edmunds, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
     B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.Ed., Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Mary Byars, Assistant Director
     B.S., Belmont University
J. Ted Gray, Transfer Enrollment Services Counselor,
     B.S., Austin Peay State University
Christian Panneck, Transfer Enrollment Services Counselor
   B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.Ed., Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Michael Waters, Assistant Director
     B.A., Furman University; M.S., Georgia State University
Rachel Bolton, Enrollment Services Counselor
     B.S., University of Missouri
Lisa Malone, Director of Enrollment Services Information Systems
    B.S., Belmont University
Sara Olson, Special Projects Coordinator
   B.S. Middle Tennessee State University
Lougan Bishop, Information Systems Asst./Web Specialist
   B.S. Middle Tennessee State University
Pamela Howell, Call Center Manager
Donald Watson, Enrollment Services Counselor
     B.S., Lambuth University
Jim Poole, Assistant Director
     B.S., Belmont College; M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Mobile
Angela Shedd, Associate Director Admissions, Director of Admissions Processing  
   B.S., Belmont University
Rachel Rogers, Data Enrollment Coordinator
Teresa Geuy, Data Enrollment Coordinator
Freida Sage, Campus Visit Coordinator
Meghan Westbury, Campus Visit Coordinator
  B.A.  Auburn University
Laura Merkle, Graduate Programs Enrollment Assistant
  B.A. Lynchburg College; M.Ed. Lynchburg College

Office of Student Financial Services

Patricia Smedley, Director of Student Financial Services
B.S., Western Michigan University
M.Ed., Belmont University

Charles Harper, Director of Financial Aid
B.S., Belmont University

Helen Bond, Scholarship Counselor
B.S., Belmont University

Samantha Rogers, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
 B.S., M.S., Tennessee State University

Edward Allen, Collections Supervisor
B.S., University of Baltimore

Jennifer Bussell, Assistant Director of Student Accounts
B.A., M.B.A. Harding University

Valez Thornton, Student Services Coordinator
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Prentice Poole, Student Services Coordinator
B.S., University of Alabama

Brandon Mitchell, Student Services Coordinator
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Hilda Enriquez, Third Party/Study Abroad Counselor
B.S., California State University Northridge

Carrie Northington, Loan Counselor
B.A., Austin Peay

Jimmy Morris, Information Specialist
B.S., Lipscomb University

Brian Turner, Verification Counselor
B.S., Fisk University

Tria Jamison, Work-Study Counselor
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University, M.B.A., Lipscomb University/Keller Graduate School

Shelly Higdon, Secretary/Receptionist
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Office of Student Affairs
Dane C. Anthony, Associate Dean of Students
B.S., Southwest Missouri State University;
M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Amanda Dunivan, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Greek Life
B.S., Florida Southern College; M.S., Florida State University
Angie Bryant, Director of the Beaman Student Life Center
B.S., Belmont University; M.S., Middle Tennessee State University
Mark A. Bryant, Associate Dean of Students
B.A., Baylor University; M.S., Florida State University
Amy M. Coles, Director of Student Activities
B.S., Dallas Baptist University; M.Ed. Dallas Baptist University
Elysia Sandlin, Coordinator of the Convocation and Special Programs
B.S., Austin Peay State University; M.A., Appalachian State University
Tammye Cripps Tanksley, Director of Disability Support
B.S., Belmont College; M.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University
Katherine B. Wilson, Director of Health Services
M.S.N., M.B.A., Vanderbilt University
Jamie Zeller, Assistant Director of the Beaman Student Life Center,
B.S., Western Kentucky University; M.S., Western Kentucky University

Office of Residence Life
Anthony Donovan, Director of Residence Life
B.A., Berea College; M.A. Eastern Kentucky University
Amy Hodge, Residence Director
B.Mu.Ed., Central Methodist College
Tana Hoffman, Secretary
B.S., Campbell University

Office of Athletics
Mike Strickland, Athletics Director
B.S., Georgia Southern University; M.P.A., University of Georgia

Patricia Chaffin, NCAA Certification Specialist
B.B.A., Middle Tennessee State University; M.B.A., Middle Tennessee State University
Brian Ayers, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
B.S., David Lipscomb University; M.S., Austin Peay State University
Matthew Barnett, Assistant Baseball Coach
B.S., University of Tennessee at Martin; M.S., Morehead State University
J. Steven Barrick, Associate Athletics Director
B.A., M.S., Western Kentucky University
Julie Beazley, Program Assistant
Scott Bennett, Assistant Men's Cross Country/Track Coach
B.A., West Virginia Wesleyan College
Lissa Bradford, Head Women's Golf Coach
B.S., University of Alabama
Donna Brown, Associate Head Coach, Women's Basketball
B.S., M.A., Mississippi State University
Kelly Buckles, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
B.A., University of Louisville
Richard F. Byrd, Head Men's Basketball Coach
B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee
Heather Copeland, Assistant Director for Compliance
B.S., Samford University; M.A.; University of Alabama at Birmingham
Brian Costello, Head Men's Golf Coach
B.S., Ferris State University
Anthony G. Cross, Women's Head Basketball Coach
B.S., Belmont College; M.S., University of Tennessee
Earle Davidson, Head Men's Soccer Coach
B.S., Peabody College of Vanderbilt
Ben Fisher, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
B.A., Belmont University
Wendy Holleman, Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
B.S., Jacksonville State University
Lisa Howe, Head Women's Soccer Coach
B.S., Barry University; M.B.A., Jacksonville State University
Tony Howell, Assistant Volleyball Coach
B.S., University of North Texas
Roger Idstrom, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
B.A., Mars Hill College
David L. Jarvis, Head Baseball Coach
B.S.E., M.S.E., Arkansas State University
Colette Keyser, Assistant Director of Compliance - Academic Support Services
B.A., Kentucky Wesleyan College, M.A., Western Kentucky University
Jehan Khan, Bruin Club Program Assistant
B.S., Belmont University
Scott Kirchmann, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
B.S., University of Nebraska at Kearney; M.P.E., Idaho State University
Jeffrey S. Langdon, Head Men's Cross Country Coach/Track Coach
B.B.A., Belmont College
John Langdon, Media Relations/Operations Assistant
B.A., Rhodes College; M.S., University of Memphis
Tim Lee, Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.A., Cedarville University, M.S., Ohio University
Jim Madrigal, Head Men's Tennis Coach
Paul Malloy, Head Athletic Trainer
B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., University of Pittsburgh
Amy Bond McGinnis, Budget Officer
B.A., Belmont University
Erin Moore, Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S., University of Georgia; M.Ed., Belmont University
Kenisha Rhone, Assistant Director of Media Relations
B.A., Indiana University
Renee Rice, Academic Coordinator
B.S., M.Ed., Belmont University
Jon Riley, Assistant Women's Track and Field Coach
B.S., M.A., Southeast Missouri State University
Clyde Russell, Director of the Bruin Club
B.A., Vanderbilt University
Greg Sage, Director of Media Relations
B.A., Wake Forest University; M.S., Syracuse University
Danielle Santangelo, Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S., Duquesne University; M.S., University of North Carolina
Seth Sheridan, Head Women's Cross Country/Track Coach
B.S., Belmont University; M.S., Austin Peay State University
Kenneth B. Sidwell, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance
B.S., Tennessee Technological University; M.A., Western Kentucky University; Ed.S., George Peabody College
Mark Srouji, Head Women's Tennis Coach
B.A., M.S., Belmont University
Beth Stark, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
B.A., David Lipscomb University
Jason Stein, Assistant Baseball Coach
B.S., M.S., Eastern Kentucky University
Lindsey Tonkin, Cheerleading Coach
B.A., University of Alabama
Rich Tiner, Faculty Athletics Representative
B.S., Gulf-Coast Bible College; M.S., Eastern Washington University
Bari Watson, Director of Marketing
B.A., M.A., University of Alabama
Don Watson, Interim Head Softball Coach
B.S., Lambuth University
Joyce Watson, Budget Assistant
Deane Webb, Head Volleyball Coach
B.S., University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; M.S., University of North Texas
Betty Wiseman, Assistant Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator
B.A., Belmont University; M.A., George Peabody College

Office of Finance and Operations
Steven T. Lasley, Vice President
Sharon Hiett, Administrative Assistant

Auxiliary Services
Don Charles Purdy, Director
B.S.E, Ouachita Baptist University; M.S.E., North Texas State University
M. Frances Johnson, Supervisor, Gabhart Student Center

University Bookstore
Jo Ellen Hunter, Bookstore Manager
B.S., Tennessee Technological University
Matt Reno, Assistant Manager
B.B.A.. Belmont University
Catherine Murphy, Associate Manager
B.B.A Belmont University
Sherry Pendley, Customer Service
B.S. Western Kentucky University
Sally Mann, Associate Manager
B.A. Belmont University
Lauren Garner, Associate Manager
B.B.A. Belmont University
Shirley Lature, Customer Service
Connie McMahon, Customer Service

Conference Services
Melissa Jenkins, Conference Services Manager
Alphonso Baugh, Set-up Leader
Chris Knight, Set-up Assistant

Finance and Accounting Office
Cathy Beahan, Budget Services and Reporting Coordinator
Sue Curl, Accountant
B.B.A., Belmont College, C.P.A.
Vance R. Harris, Cash Management & Fixed Assets Coordinator
Kelly Kane, Electronic Payments and Document Control
Robert A. McDonald, Customer Service & Document Control Coordinator
Jean Palmer, Administrative Coordinator
Sandra Sanders, Payroll Coordinator

Information Technology Services
Administrative Computing
Jill B. Freeman, Director
B.S., Western Kentucky University
Greg Bagwell, Database Administrator
B.S., Austin Peay State University
Carole H. Clark, Systems Analyst
B.S., M.A., George Peabody College
Kevin S. McClung, Database Administrator
B.A., University of Tennessee, Knoxville; M.A., University of Memphis
Kelly Moreland Jones, Instructional Technology Coordinator
B.A., Belmont University; M.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University
John W. Moore, Senior Systems Analyst
A.A., Christopher Newport College; B.S., Old Dominion University;
M.A., Morehead State University; Ph.D., George Peabody College
Elizabeth Rogers, Systems Analyst
B.A., Baylor University

Technology Services
Randall C. Reynolds, Director
     B.S., Berea College; M.S., Lesley College
Randy Capps, Networking Services Manager
Paul Chenoweth, Web Services Manager
     B. Architecture, Auburn University; M.Ed., Belmont University
Michael Davis, Instructional Computing Coordinator
     B.S., Vanderbilt University; M.S.S.W., University of Tennessee
James C. Early, Telecommunications Services Manager
Dave Elder, Network Technician
Gary Hunter, Telecommunications Technician
Byron Marsh, Senior Web Systems Programmer/Analyst
    B.B.A., Belmont University
Bob Teeple, Systems Analyst
    B.S. East Tennessee State University

User Services
Millicent Marshall, Director
Shawna Butler, Sales Manager
Shawn Clark, User Support Specialist
Robert Dillingham, Lab Technician
Margie Gamble, Computer Center Coordinator
David Powell, Computer Technician

Plant Operations
Fred L. Thompson, Director of Plant Operations
Jan Mahone, Office Manager
Bessie Lee Fessler, Secretary
Custodial Services
Patricia Rickman, Manager
Sandra Kay Haynes, Housekeeping Supervisor
Thomas Modrall, Housekeeping Supervisor

Maureen Barrett
Angelia Crutcher
Ronald French
Paula Gati
Anthony Halsey
John Le
Jerry B. Lewis
Sandra Lopez
Maria Martin
Duoc Nguyen
Jan Patton
Eugene Ransom
Roosevelt Roper
Ira Shaw
Sharon Southall
Troy Weaver

Amanda Covington
Roscoe Fishback
BinQuan Gan
Richard Hadden
Thi La
Nancy Le
Edwin A. Lockridge
Brenda Martin
Ella McLaurin
Arlene Parrish
Lucille Quinn
Thomas Roach
Charles Seay
Lonnie Smart
Gwendolyn Talley
Gloria Webster

Landscape and Grounds
Mary Elizabeth Weber, Manager
B.S., University of Tennessee
Michelle Campanis
Christopher M. Herrington
Ricky Miles
Antowan Nesby
Ben R. Russell
Lee Stuart
Maintenance Services
Kenneth Wayne Duncan, Manager

Craig Patrick Alspaugh
Hubert Wayne Duncan
Mark Heath
Joe Keeler
James E. Laster
Tommy Moran
William Earl West

Arthur Davis
William M. Fessler
Rayburn Jones
Tim Kelton
Charles B. Lowe
Paul Thompson
Steve Wilton

Office of Human Resources
Sally McKay, SPHR Director
B.S., Marshall University; M.B.A., Belmont University
Stephanie Babb, Human Resources Assistant
B.A., Trevecca University
Deborah Nunn, Director of Organizational Development
B.A., Trevecca University; M.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University, Ed.D.,Trevecca University
Susan Saunders, SPHR Assistant Director
B.S., Belmont University

Office of University Advancement
Bethel E. Thomas Jr., Vice President
Benita Walker, Executive Assistant

Office of Alumni Relations

Debbie Coppinger, Director
B.S., Auburn University
Joyce Rickman, Assistant Director
Susan Shipley, Program Assistant
B.S., Carson-Newman College

Office of Development

Clyde Ingals, Associate Vice President - Director of Development
B.B.A., Georgia State University
Victoria Smith Tarleton, CFRE, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
B.S., Lindenwood College
Clyde M. Russell, Director, Bruin Club
B.A., Vanderbilt University
Tiffany Preti, Program Assistant, Bruin Club
B.B.A., Belmont University
Elizabeth Nolte, Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship
B.B.A., Belmont University, M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
Lisa Schlachter, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
B.S., University of Louisiana, M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
Iris R. Ramey, Director of Parents Program
B.A., Virginia State University, M.A., Hunter College
Laura J. Amaral, Annual Giving
B.S., Eastern Illlinois University
Cynthia R. Painter, Director of Development, College of Business Administration
B.S., Southern Illinois University; M.B.A., Belmont University
Jamie Chatham, Office Manager
B.A., Emory University
Kelley Johnson, GIfts Processor
B.B.A., University of Georgia
Robyne Atkins, Coordinator of Young Alumni Programs/Development
B.S., Belmont University
Katie Shaw, Development Research Associate
B.B.A., Belmont University

Office of Administration and University Counsel
Jason B. Rogers, Vice-President
Alison McCommons, Executive Assistant

Office of Safety Programs
Laura Prentice, Coordinator of Safety Programs

Office of Campus Security
Terry White, Director
Jim Ruffin, Operations Manager
Eric Simpson, Administrative Manager
Kevin Crawford, Patrol Officer
Jesse Cunningham, Patrol Officer
Brian Drinkwine, Patrol Officer
Troy Faust, Patrol Officer
Sherleon Foster, Patrol Officer
Stanley Hord, Watch Commander
Dewayne Lee, Patrol Officer
Lance Lewis, Security Systems Technician
Lou Mills, Watch Commander
Matthew Mitchell, Patrol Officer
John T. Moran, 2nd Shift Supervisor
Melvin Reed, Watch Commander
Renee Ruthven, 1st Shift Supervisor
Scott Sam, Patrol Officer
Michael Simpson, 3rd Shift Supervisor
Eric Stephens, Patrol Officer
Michael Webb, Patrol Officer
Richard Widick, Patrol Officer
Samantha Pulfrey, Dispatcher

Office of Career Services/Cooperative Education
Charlsie Stewart Matthews, Director
B.A. George Peabody College; M.A., University of Northern Colorado
Patricia Jacobs, Director
B.A., Belmont University; M.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University
Gary E. Boling, Career Counselor
B.A., Murray State University; M.S., Tennessee State University
Laura G. Wheeler, Office Manager

Office of Strategic Marketing and Special Initiatives
Pamela Johnson, Director of Strategic Marketing and Special Initiatives

University Marketing and Communications

Greg Pillon, Director of University Marketing and Communications
Jennifer Wetzel, Assistant Director
Kristin R. Bell, UMAC Office/Budget Manager
April Lyons, Creative Services Supervisor
Glenda S. Dahlhauser, Senior Graphic Designer
Morton Southall, Senior Graphic Designer
Sara Spencer, Production Artist
Michael Krouskop, University Photographer
Adrian Constant, Online Marketing Manager
Amanda Wheeler, University Writer/Editor

University Mail Center
Veronica L. Smith, Mail Center Coordinator
Ronald Little, Mail Center Associate
Angel Medina, Mail Center Associate

Copy Center
Eric Burford, Copy Center Manager
Misty S. Biggers, Copy Center Associate

Office of Spiritual Development
Todd L. Lake, Vice-President
Benita J. Walker, CPS, Executive Assistant

Office of University Ministries
Guy Chmieleski, University Minister
B.A., Bethel University; M.A., Palm Beach Atlantic University; D.Min., George Fox Evangelical Seminary
Christy Ridings, Associate University Minister
B.S., Belmont University

Special Consultant to the President
W. Fred Kendall, II

Belmont University Centers

Center for Family Business
Lindsey Trella, Acting Director

Center for Professional Development
Angela S. Breedon, Program Specialist
Martha Kelley, Director of Executive Learning Networks
B.S., M.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University
Kim Powell, Associate Director
B.B.A., Belmont University
Janice L. Woodard, Customized Corporate Training

Frist Center
Kaye Horsfall, Executive Director
B.S.W., University of Kentucky; M.A., Eastern Kentucky University

Moench Center for Church Leadership
Lloyd Elder, Director
Joyce Byrd, Associate Director