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Graduate Catalog 2010

Post Master's Certificate

A post-MSN certificate option is available for those students who have already earned  the MSN and desire additional specialized preparation. Post-master's students must earn at least a "B" (3.0) cumulative GPA in all courses to complete the program.

Students who have  earned the MSN  and desire specialty certification as a family nurse practitioner may take a  post master's program of study of up to 24 credit hours. Individual portfolio review by the Graduate Affairs Committee will determine an applicant’s specific program of study. Students are awarded a certificate upon completion of their course of study and are eligible to sit for a national Family Nurse Practitioner certification exam.

The complete post-MSN family nurse practitioner program of study consists of the following courses:

NUR 5010, Advanced Pathophysiology, 3 hours
NUR 5140, Advanced Pharmacology, 3 hours
NUR 5300, Advanced Health Assessment, 3 hours
NUR 5610, Primary Health Care I, 3 hours
NUR 5612, Primary Health Care I Clinical, 1 hour
NUR 5630, Primary Health Care II, 2  hours 
NUR 5632, Primary Health Care II Clinical, 2 hours
NUR 5680, FNP Intensive Practicum, 1 hour
NUR 5682, FNP Intensive Practicum Clinical, 3 hours
NUR 5700, Issues, Policy & Economics, 3 hours


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