2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University


  1. Belmont University is a  senior, co-educational university located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  2. Belmont University grants seven undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Music, the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Social Work. Graduate degrees offered are the M.A., M.ACC., M.B.A., M.Ed., M.A.T., M.M., M.S.A., M.S.N., M.S.O.T., O.T.D., D.P.T., and Pharm. D.
  3. Majors or Concentrations are offered in:
    • Accounting
    • Applied Discrete Mathematics
    • Art Education*
    • Art Studies
    • Art History
    • Asian Studies
    • Audio and Video Production
    • Audio Engineering Technology
    • Biblical Languages
    • Biblical Studies
    • Biochemistry and MolecularBiology
    • Biology*
    • Business Administration
    • Chemistry*
    • Chemistry for the Health Sciences
    • Christian Ethics
    • Christian Leadership
    • Church Music
    • Classics
    • Commercial Music
    • Communication Studies*
    • Computer Science
    • Design Communications
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Economics
    • Engineering Physics
    • English*
    • Entertainment Industry Studies
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Studies
    • European Studies
    • Exercise Science and Health Promotion
    • Finance
    • French*
    • German
    • Health*
    • History
    • Information Systems Management
    • International Business
    • International Economics
    • International Politics
    • Journalism
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Mass Communication
    • Mathematics*
    • Medical Imaging Technology
    • Medical Physics
    • Medical Technology
    • Middle School Education
    • Music Business
    • Music (BA)
    • Music Composition
    • Music Education*
    • Music Performance
    • Music Theory
    • Music with an Outside Minor
    • Musical Theatre
    • Neuroscience
    • Nursing
    • Organizational & Corporate Communication
    • Pharmaceutical Studies
    • Philosophy*
    • Physical Education*
    • Physics*
    • Piano Pedagogy
    • Politics and Public Law
    • Political Science*
    • Professional Business Administration
    • Psychology*
    • Public Relations
    • Religion and the Arts
    • Religious Studies*
    • Science and Engineering Management
    • Secondary Education
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Social Work
    • Sociology*
    • Songwriting
    • Spanish*
    • Studio Art
    • Theatre and Drama (with various emphasis available)*
    • University College (various majors for adult students)
    • Video Production
    • Web Programming and Development
    *Teacher Licensure Available
  4. Graduation from an accredited high school, or satisfactory scores on an equivalency exam, is required for admission. High school graduates must have an above average cumulative and academic GPA and show evidence of the satisfactory completion of 3 credits in Algebra and Geometry; 4 credits in English; and 2 or more credits in each area of foreign language, social studies, and science.
  5. Students who have attended another university must be eligible for readmission to that university before they can be admitted to Belmont and must have an above average GPA transferring into Belmont.
  6. The cost for a resident student is approximately $9300 per semester, plus books and special fees.
  7. The cost for a commuting student is approximately $6500 per semester, plus books and special fees.
  8. For Registration information and deadlines see the academic calendar at http://www.belmont.edu/acalendar and scroll down to current registration instructions.
  9. An academic average of "C" on all Belmont University work attempted is required for graduation.