2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Major in
Ministry - Evening Program (B.A. or B.S.)

Offered through Belmont's University College

This program of study allows adults to refocus their careers in response to a call for Christian service or ministry. It provides a foundational course of study in biblical studies, theology and church history, and practical ministry and leadership. See University College.

Major in Ministry - Evening Program (B.A. or B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements 59-65
Prerequisites for Religion Major   6
    REL 1250, New Testament and Exegesis 3  
    REL 2350, Christian Doctrine1 3  
Core Emphasis    
    REL 1410, Vocation and Christian Life 1  
    REL 2410, Spiritual Formation 3  
    REL 2510, Christian Ethics 3  
    REL 4015, Colloquium 2  
Area Emphasis    
    REL 2310, Understanding Church History 3  
    REL 2460, Education in the Church 3  
    REL 2450, Dynamics of the Local Church 3  
    REL 3430, Pastoral Care 3  
    REL 3450, Missions and Church Development 3  
    REL 3460, Worship and Preaching 3  
    REL 4410, Servant Leadership 3  
Total in Major   30
Electives   33
Total   128

1 REL 2350, Christian Doctrine is a prerequisite for the following: REL 2410 Spiritual Formation; REL 2510 Christian Ethics; all courses in Religion and Society Division, in the Theological and Historical Division, and Biblical Studies Division.

Note: Courses taken in Religion cannot count in both major and minor requirements.