2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Minor in Music

Students majoring in another area may elect a minor in music. The music minor is a two-year sequence in the applied area. Students considering a music minor are urged to audition and take the theory placement exam prior to the beginning of their freshman year, and must audition by the beginning of the sophomore year.

Minor in Music Hours
MA_ 1110, 1120, 2110, 2120, Applied Principal (4 semesters in same area) 4  
MA_ 3070, Seminar (required each semester enrolled in Applied Principal) 0  
MUG 2020, Sophomore Technical 0  
MUG 2000, Recital/Workshop Attendance (4 semesters required) 0  
MUT 1310, 1320, Harmony I, II 6  
MUT 1330, 1340, Ear Training I, II 2  
MUH 2200, History of Western Music: 1700-Present (1) 3  
MUN Ensembles (2)
MUN 3900 Oratorio Chorus (2 semesters; required for voice principals only) 0  
M_ _, Music Electives (3)  
Total 22

1 MUH 1200 Introduction to Music: History, Style and Culture must be taken as the Fine Arts requirement in the general education BELL core.

2 Music minors must participate in an ensemble for a minimum of 4 semesters and earn a minimum of 4 semester hours credit. No more than 4 hours of ensembles will count toward degree requirements. See Ensemble Requirements for ensembles for specific applied principals.

3 Education majors minoring in music must take EDU 2540 (2 hours) and MUE 4210 (2 hours) for their Music Electives. This results in a 23 hour minor.