2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Major in Music Education
Instrumental Licensure

The Instrumental Licensure Track within the Major in Music Education provides the appropriate credential for teaching instrumental music, general music, and theory at all levels.  Students pursuing this licensure track should choose a band or orchestral instrument as their principal applied area.  Scroll to the bottom of this web page to see additional hours required to add Vocal Licensure.

Instrumental Licensure Hours
General Education Core Requirements
Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
Music Core     39
Common Music Core    32  
Specific Music Core   7  
    MUC 1110, Introduction to Music Technology 1    
    MUT 3320, Orchestration and Instrumentation 3    
    MUE 3260, Instrumental Conducting 3    
Major Area 34
    MA_ 1210, 1220, 2210, 2220, 3210, 3220, 4210 (1)
        Applied Principal (7 semesters required)
Support Courses   3  
    MAI 2050, Technique & Literature of the Major Instrument I 1  
    MAI 3050, Instrumental Pedagogy   1
Additional Required Courses
    MAI 3070, Seminar (required every semester enrolled in
          Applied Principal, minimum of 7 semesters)
    MUG 2010, Piano Proficiency   0  
    MUG 2020, Sophomore Technical   0  
    MA_ 3000, 25-minute recital   0  
    MFB 1110, 1120, 2110, 2120, Secondary Piano (2)       
        (4 semesters required)
    MUE 2210, Brass Methods   1  
    MUE 2220, Woodwind Methods   1  
    MUE 3250, Marching Band Methods


    MUE 3290, Woodwind Methods II   1  
    MUE 3210, String Methods   1  
    MUE 3220, Percussion Methods   1  

    MA_ 1110, Private Instrument 
       (2 semesters of private study required on instruments
            other than the principal)

    MUE 4210, Elementary School Music Methods   2  
    MUE 4220, Middle School Music Methods   2  
    MUE 4230, Secondary Instrumental Music Methods   2  
Professional Education (3) 17
    EDU 2110, Education Psychology 3  
   EDU 3800, Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners 3  
   MUE 2230, Introduction to Music Education 3  
   MUE 4200, Student Teaching Seminar (4) 0  
   MUE 4400, Student Teaching in Music (4) 8  
   MUE 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000,Music Education Seminar
      (4 semesters required)
Free Electives (assuming 43-hour General Ed Core) 3



1 No more than 14 hours in the Applied Principal may be counted toward degree requirements. The Applied Principal for Instrumental Licensure must be a band or orchestral instrument.

2 Secondary Piano must be continued each semester until proficiency is passed. If proficiency is passed prior to completing four semesters, students take choice of secondary area for remaining semester(s).

3 All EDU courses must be taken at Belmont.  Transfer credit is not accepted.  All music methods courses as well as MUE 4400 (Student Teaching in Music) and MUE 4200 (Student Teaching Seminar) must be taken at Belmont University.  Student teaching must be completed in a MIddle Tennessee school and must be supervised by a School of music faculty. 

4 A professional semester of student teaching is required of all Music Education students seeking recommendation for a teaching license.  This semester includes a full 16 weeks of student teaching, divided into equal segments of elementary/middle school and secondary practicum with either a vocal or instrumental emphasis.  Students must have completed all other required degree coursework prior to student teaching and may not be enrolled in any coursework except MUE 4200 (Student Teaching Seminar) and MUE 4400 (Student Teaching) while student teaching.   Prerequisites to the Professional Semester are: (a) Completion of Piano Proficiency Exam, (b) Completion of all required Music Education Methods courses, and (c) Formal application and admission to the Music Teacher Education Program and to Student Teaching in Music.

K-12 Vocal Licensure may be added by including the following courses:
MUE 3240, Choral Conducting   3  
MUE 3270, Conducting Lab (2 semesters)   0  
MAA, Private Voice (minimum of 4 semesters)
(or 4 hours of voice and 4 hours of piano - piano must be in addition to secondary requirement)
MUE 4260, Secondary Choral Methods   2  
Total Additional Hours 13