2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Course Descriptions (SNG)

SNG 2000. Songwriting Internship Lab (0). Prerequisite: sophomore standing. This career development course addresses internship expectations, job strategies, and interviewing skills.

SNG 2110. Fundamental  of Commercial Songwriting I (3).  This is the practical application and technique of the working songwriter. Melody, lyrics, “hooks,” points of view and song logic will be covered. Solo writing as well as the concept of collaboration are introduced. Participants will work individually and in small groups.

SNG 2120. Fundamental  of Commercial Songwriting II (3).  Prerequisites: SNG 2110 Fundamental  of Commercial Songwriting I. Writing on demand will be introduced (examples: a jingle, a wedding song, a movie theme, an artist-specific style, etc.). Cataloging works will be taught so that participants can keep their output organized, keep their library of ideas filed and develop other good professional habits and discipline. This introduces some of the concepts of the business of being a songwriter. Group writing and critiques will occur.

SNG 3000.  Songwriting  Internship (1-6).  Prerequisites: SNG 2000, SNG 2110, junior standing, a minimum of 2.8 Belmont cumulative G.P.A. This formal career education assignment enables students to intern at entertainment business organizations for a selected period of time.  May be repeated up to a maximum of six hours. 

SNG 3110. Songwriting Practicum I (3). Prerequisites: SNG 2110  Fundamental  of Commercial Songwriting I.  The development of an individual’s unique songwriting “voice” is encouraged while demo production occurs and the study of the songwriting business continues. Groups will be genre specific – pop, country, show tunes, hip-hop, Christian, jazz, etc. Internships at song-publishing companies on Music Row are encouraged.

SNG 3120. Songwriting Practicum II  (3). Prerequisites: SNG 2120 Fundamentals of Commercial Songwriting II. “Finding your own voice” as a songwriter continues with exercises in composing for film and television, video games and other assignments. The course further explores songwriting creativity based on individual musical genre preference. Demo production continues. Good songwriter business practices continue as well. Internships at song-publishing companies on Music Row are encouraged.

 SNG 3950-4950.  Studies Abroad (3-18).  Study in a foreign country.  Individual course titles and locations are assigned for each course taken.  See Studies Abroad program for details.

SNG 3990-4990.  Special Studies in the Songwriting (1-3).

SNG 4000. Songwriting Seminar (0). “Masters’ Voices” are used to expose students to the living legends of songwriting. These would be seminars occurring throughout the year where guests professionals would tell their stories, offer advice, and share the wisdom of outstanding careers.  The writers involved will represent a variety of genres of popular music.

SNG 4015. Songwriting Senior Capstone (3). Prerequisite: Senior standing and approval of academic advisor. To be taken in the final semester of residence before graduation. This course is designed to be a culminating experience in the major, and also addresses the goals for the Senior Capstone as defined in the BELL Core curriculum, including reflection on the student's academic experience and on their transition from the university setting to professional life. This course comprises an in-depth integration and application of the student's personal experiences, opportunities, and ambitions as related to their anticipated career and life objectives within the global entertainment industry. Through the use of the analysis and discussion of texts, case studies, guest speakers, field trips, written assignments, and personal journal reflections, this course examines the student's goals within the introspection of the Belmont Experience. A final project incorporates the discussion of short- and long-term goals and a plan for the realization of these goals through three- and five-year timelines that are reflective of personal and professional ambitions. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to integrate the spiritual and ethical aspects of their goals as well as their transition from the university towards lifetime learning and professional growth.  Pass/Fail only.

SNG 4110 and 4120. Song Writer Mentorship I & II (1). Prerequisites: SNG 2120 Fundamentals of Commercial Songwriting II. This is individual study, pairing individuals or collaborators with mentors drawn from the ranks of the most successful songwriters that the music industry has to offer. Demo production continues. Internships continue. Participation in the Songwriting Seminar series continues.