2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Music Business Courses (MBU)

MBU 1110. Survey of Music Business (3). This course is a general overview and a study of the major functional areas of the music business. Attention is given to the theoretical foundations and practical application of current business practices in the music industry including supporting organizations and the revenue flow from music consumer to creator.

MBU 3990-4990. Special Studies (1-3).

MBU 2000. Music Business Internship Lab (0). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. This career development course addresses internship expectations, job strategies, and interviewing skills.

MBU 2130. History of the Recording Business (3). A study of the foundations of the recorded music business, which includes the development of recording labels, technology-driven changes, and recordings from 1877 to the present. Also discussed is the formation of the major recording labels and the development of the marketing structure whereby recorded music is exposed and sold to consumers.

MBU 2520. Intellectual Property (3). Prerequisite: MBU 1110 or EIS 1220. This course provides an in-depth study of intellectual property, the rationale for intellectual property protection, current issues involving intellectual property, international intellectual property issues, and the role of intellectual property in the entertainment industry. The types of intellectual property covered include copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents. Primary emphasis will be on copyright, the area of intellectual property most relevant to the entertainment industry.

MBU 3000. Music Business Internship (1-6). Prerequisites: MBU 2000, MBU 3450, junior standing, a minimum of 2.8 Belmont cumulative G.P.A. This formal career education assignment enables students to intern at entertainment business organizations for a selected period of time. (May be repeated up to a maximum of 6 credit hours.) Gen. Ed. Designation: EL (I - Internships, Clinicals, Practica).

MBU 3330. International Music Business (3). Prerequisite: MBU 1110 or permission of instructor. An exploration of issues confronting entertainment and Music Business firms in a competitive global environment. Particular emphasis includes the manufacturing, marketing, management or financing of entertainment and promotion of the music and entertainment industries which are additional areas of study.
Gen. Ed. Designation: GS (G - Global Studies).

MBU 3360. Entertainment Career Development (3). Prerequisite: MBU 1110. A study of personal entertainment career development and management including educational, promotional, and financial concerns of the professional entertainer. Various unions, guilds, and associations are studied from the entertainer's viewpoint.

MBU 3450. Music Publishing (3). Prerequisite: MBU 2520. A study of music publishing. The course deals with contracts, foreign publishing, catalog development, setting up a publishing company, demo sessions and licensing.

MBU 3620. Marketing of Recorded Music (3). Prerequisites: MBU 1110, MKT 3210 or permission of instructor. A study of the theories and techniques used in the marketing of recorded music by major and independent labels and artists to consumers. Topics include market structure and analysis, distribution methods, promotional strategies, charts, airplay, pricing, research and legal issues specific to entertainment marketing. 
Gen. Ed. Designation: EL (C - Community Based Research).

MBU 3630. Record Company Operations (3). Prerequisites: MBU 3450, MBU 3520. This course organizes the areas of operations of a record company. Emphasis is placed on areas such as A & R, creative services, promotion, royalty distribution, in-house production, marketing, publicity and other areas in relationship to the independent vs. major label.
Gen. Ed. Designation: EL (I - Internships, Clinicals, Practica).

MBU 3720. Public Relations in the Music Industry (3). Prerequisite: MBU 1110. This course deals with press releases, press kits, press parties, artist kits, news for radio and T.V., and other areas which relate to the printed page as public relations support for the artist, company and product.

MBU 3730. Electronic Media in the Music Industry (3). Prerequisite: MBU 1110. This course deals with the integration of electronic media in the music industry. Attention is given to the music video process including scripting, casting, direction, production, budgeting, and promotion. The importance of artistic career development and promotion via television and radio are examined with a focus on preparation and placement.

MBU 3950. Studies Abroad (3-18). Study in a foreign country. Individual course titles and locations are assigned for each course taken. See Studies Abroad program for details.

MBU 4000. Music Business Seminar (0).Required each semester of all full-time or part-time Music Business (CEMB) students. Co-requisite for students enrolled in MBU 3000, Music Business Internship. Seminars are discussion based session with high-profile guest speakers currently active in music and entertainment industries. Session content will vary depending upon guest(s) expertise but generally will engage practical, philosophical, and current issues in music and entertainment industries. Attendance requirements follow university policies and are stated in the course syllabus. Pass/Fail. ($40.00 course fee)

MBU 4015. Senior Capstone (1). Prerequisites: Senior standing and approval of academic advisor. To be taken the final semester in residence before graduation. XXX 3015 Junior Cornerstone and ENG 3010. This course is designed to be a culminating experience in the major, and also addresses the goals for the Senior Capstone as defined in the BELL Core curriculum, including reflection on the student's academic experience and on their transition from the university setting to professional life. This course comprises an in-depth integration and application of the student's personal experiences, opportunities, and ambitions as related to their anticipated career and life objectives within the global entertainment industry. Through the use of analysis and discussion of texts, case studies, guest speakers, field trips, written assignments, and personal journal reflections, this course examines the student's goals within the introspection of the Belmont Experience. A final project incorporates the discussion of short- and long-term goals and a plan for the realization of these goals through three- and five-year timelines that are reflective of personal and professional ambitions. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to integrate the spiritual and ethical aspects of their goals as well as their transition from the university towards lifetime learning and professional growth. Course credit is Pass/Fail only.

MBU 4610. Christianity in the Entertainment Industry (3). This course examines the role and influence of Christianity in the entertainment and music business. Specifically, the course will investigate the Christian impact on morality in entertainment. Topics focus on music, movies, and television in relation to "The Great Commission" and whether or not Christians are engaging the important issues of the day. Students will be asked to discover and understand the Christian culture's primary shapers, their history, and issues.

MBU 4630. Legal Issues in the Entertainment Industry (3). Prerequisites: MBU 1110, MBU 3520. This course provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of advanced legal issues in the music and entertainment industries. Some of the topics covered includethe role of entertainment attorneys, recording contracts, producer and production company contracts, contracts with minors, movie & television industry structure and contracts, right of publicity, merchandising and endorsement agreements, right of privacy, freedom of speech, defamation, indecency, obscenity, and payola.

MBU 4800. Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry (3). Prerequisite: MBU 1110. Entertainment entrepreneurship is based on the process of identifying opportunities in the entertainment marketplace, exploring potential resources to pursue those opportunities, and committing to action the resources necessary to exploit the opportunities for long-term gain.

MBU 4820. Artist Management (3). Prerequisites: MBU 3450, MBU 3520, MGT 3110, or permission of instructor. An analysis of the various aspects of artist management including talent agencies, personal management, performance and recording contracts, tours, and artist promotion.

MBU 4830. Concert Promotion and Booking (3). Prerequisites: MBU 3520 or permission of instructor. A study of the role of the concert promoter and the organization of concert promoting, including contracts, riders, venues, audience projections/demographics, and finance (budgets, corporate sponsorships, gate receipts, etc.).
Gen. Ed. Designation: EL (I - Internships, Clinicals, Practica).

MBU 4950. Music Business Exit Examination (0). (Pass/Fail) A requirement for all Music Business graduates during the last semester of work prior to graduation. The examination will cover four core areas: general Music Business knowledge, music publishing, intellectual property, and recording studio principles. Additional questions in the student's chosen emphasis area (Business and Production) are included. A grade of 70 or higher is required for graduation.